Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal

Current issue: February 2015

Volume 21, issue 2, February 2015


eHealth is health care transformation, not “an IT project”
Salah Mandil, PhD 

Research articles

Seroprevalence of poliovirus antibodies among 7-month-old infants after 4 doses of oral polio vaccine in Sistan-va-Baluchestan, Islamic Republic of Iran
S. Izadi, S. Shahmahmoodi, S.M. Zahraei, F. Dorostkar and S.-R. Majdzadeh

Value and impact of international hospital accreditation: a case study from Jordan
Y.A. Halasa, W. Zeng, E. Chappy and D.S. Shepard

Use of clinical guidelines: perspectives from clinicians in paediatric and maternity hospitals in Kabul, Afghanistan
H. Graham, M. Tokhi, A. Edward, A.S. Salehi, S. Turkmani, T. Duke and L. Bartlett

Breast cancer screening programme: experience from Eastern province, Saudi Arabia
F.A. Al Mulhim, A. Syed, W.A. Bagatadah and A.F. Al Muhanna

Risky road-use behaviour among students at the University of Benha, Egypt
S.D. El-Gendy, M.F. El-Gendy, A.Y. Dawah, R.S. Eldesouky and M.S. Abd El-Raof

Knowledge about hepatitis B vaccination among women of childbearing age: a cross-sectional study from a rural district of Punjab, Pakistan
N. Noreen, R. Kumar and B.T. Shaikh

Changes in antibiotic use in a general surgery unit over a 5-year period
K. Ayazi, A. Khabaz, L. Ayazi, B. Ghorbani, M. Eslami and M. Ebrahimi


Towards an electronic national injury surveillance system in Saudi Arabia
F. Alanazi, A. Hussain, A. Mandil and N. Alamro

WHO events addressing public health priorities

Improving the quality of care and patient safety in the Eastern Mediterranean Region