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Kuwait Prize for the Control of Cancer, Cardiovascular Diseases and Diabetes in the Eastern Mediterranean Region

The State of Kuwait Prize for the Control of Cancer, Cardiovascular Diseases and Diabetes in the Eastern Mediterranean Region is one of several Foundation awards, administered by the World Health Organization, to acknowledge the work of well-known scientists, researchers or dedicated people who have made an outstanding contribution in prevention, control or research in one or more of the following disease groups: cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

The prize consists of a bronze medal and a sum of money, which is presented at the WHO Regional Committee for the Eastern Mediterranean by the Committee’s Chairman.

More information about the eligibility criteria and access to the online application form is available at: http://kuwaitprize.emro.who.int/

Current issue: April 2018

Volume 24, issue 4, April 2018


Promote health, keep the world safe, serve the vulnerable” in the Eastern Mediterranean Region
Jaouad Mahjour, Zafar Mirza, Arash Rashidian, Hoda Atta, Rana Hajjeh, Michel Thieren, Maha El-Adawy, Asmus Hammerich, Ahmed Al-Yousfi, Rayana Bou Haka, Hatem El Khodary

Research articles

Pulmonary function tests in Egyptian schoolchildren in rural and urban areas
Walid Al-Qerem and Jonathan Ling

Provincial differences in levels, trends, and determinants of childhood immunization in Pakistan
Adrienne Kols, Zulfikar Gorar, Muhammad Sharjeel, Farid Midhet, Rashid Nazir, Dileep Kumar and Aslam Fareed

Patient and caregiver education levels and readmission and mortality rates of congestive heart failure patients
Osama Elkhateeb and Khaled Salem

Assessment of safe injection practices in health facilities in Oman
Salah Al Awaidy, Bassem Zayed, Moustapha Ramadan and Mohamed Hsairi

Incidence pattern and spatial analysis of breast cancer in Iranian women: Geographical Information System applications
Ali Ahmadi, Rashid Ramazani, Tahereh Rezagholi and Parvin Yavari

Factors associated with mental health of high-school students in Islamic Republic of Iran
Katayoun Bakhteyar, Fatemeh Bastami, Farzad Ebrahimzadeh, Mohammad Almasian, Reza Hosseinabadi and Ali Farhadi

Are users of modern and traditional contraceptive methods in Jordan different?
Mona Almalik, Sultan Mosleh and Issa Almasarweh

Les accidents de travail lombaires dans le secteur privé : prévalence et facteurs associés à leur gravité et à leurs séquelles dans la région du centre tunisien
Aïcha Brahem, Mohamed Bouhlel, Imène Kacem, Maher Maoua, Wided Boughattas, Dorra Khalfaoui, Kamel Rejeb, Souhaiel Chatti, Olfa El Maalel et Nejib Mrizak

Risk factors for incident shoulder soft tissue rheumatic disorders: a population-based case–control study in Lebanon
Mohammad Godah, Monique Chaaya, Zeinab Slim and Imad Uthman

Short communication

How feasible is the life expectancy target in the Saudi Arabian vision for 2030?
Sulaiman Bah

WHO events addressing public health priorities

‘Health Benefits Package’: a centerpiece of Universal Health Coverage