Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal

Current issue: April 2016

Volume 22, issue 4, April 2016


Malaria and complex emergencies in the Eastern Mediterranean Region
Hoda Atta, Caroline Barwa, Ghasem Zamani and Robert W. Snow

Research articles

The operation, products and promotion of waterpipe businesses in New York City, Abu Dhabi and Dubai
P.J. Joudrey, K.A. Jasie, L. Pykalo, S.T. Singer, M.B. Woodin, and S. Sherman

Risk of hypertension in Yozgat Province, Central Anatolia: application of Framingham Hypertension Prediction Risk Score
M. Kilic, H. Ede and A.I. Kilic 

Objective structured clinical examination for pharmacy students in Qatar: cultural and contextual barriers to assessment
K.J. Wilby, E.K. Black, Z. Austin, B. Mukhalalati, S. Aboulsoud and S.I. Khalifa

Assessment of the social accountability of the faculty of medicine at University of Gezira, Sudan
S. Elsanousi, M. Elsanousi, O. Khalafallah and A. Habour 


Hepatitis B and C in the Syrian Arab Republic: a review
H. Bashour and G. Muhjazi


Control of malaria outbreak due to Plasmodium vivax in Aswan Governorate, Egypt
A. Kandeel, A.A. Haggag, M. Abo El Fetouh, M. Naiel, S.A. Refaey, A.H. Hassan and R.M.R. Ramzy 

Short communications

Assessment of core and support functions of case-based surveillance of meningitis in hospitals in Khartoum State in 2015
I.A.A. Baghdadi 

WHO events addressing public health priorities

Regulation: a key to strengthening the services of nurses, midwives and allied health professionals

Developing/adapting evidence-based guidelines in the Eastern Mediterranean Region

Call for papers