Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal

Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal

The Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal is the flagship health periodical of the World Health Organization Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean. The Journal's mission is to contribute to improving health in the Eastern Mediterranean Region by publishing and publicizing quality health research and information with emphasis on public health and relevance to the Region. The EMHJ addresses all members of the health profession, medical and other health educational institutes, and governmental and nongovernmental organizations in the area of public health.

EMHJ update and call for papers

The Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal, EMHJ has made a number of successful changes in the past year in an ongoing effort to improve in quality and relevance.

Foremost of these is that EMHJ has re-established its focus on public health with a mission to raise the profile of public health in the Region. It aims to provide evidence to inform the development of public health policies and programmes, to keep public health professionals abreast of new policies and initiatives in public health, and to allow the exchange of ideas and concepts in public health.

The Journal is now issuing a call for papers and is interested in receiving high quality papers with an emphasis on public health research and practice of relevance to the Region. Read More

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Volume 20, number 11, November 2014Volume 20, number 11, November 2014

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Submit paperWe are now inviting all authors who want to submit a paper to EMHJ to deposit their manuscript through our online system. (Please click for more information and to access the online system)