Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal

Current issue: September 2015

Volume 21, issue 9, September 2015


Global and regional health emergencies dominate discussions at the World Health Assembly and Regional Committee 2015
Ala Alwan

Research articles

Self-management practices among type 2 diabetes patients attending primary health-care centres in Medina, Saudi Arabia
K.A. Al Johani, G.E. Kendall and P.D. Snider

Diet and the risk of head and neck squamous cell carcinomas in a Syrian population: a case–control study
A. Nour, E. Joury, F. Naja, W. Hatahet and A. Almanadili

Clinical profile and factors associated with mortality in hospitalized patients with HIV/AIDS: a retrospective analysis from Tripoli Medical Centre, Libya, 2013
N.S. Shalaka, N.A Garred, H.T. Zeglam, S.A. Awasi, L.A. Abukathir, M.E Altagdi and A.A. Rayes

Assessment of women’s perspectives and experiences of childbirth and postnatal care using Q-methodology
N.P. Shabila, H.M. Ahmed and M.Y. Yasin

Physicians’ knowledge and practice towards medical error reporting: a cross-sectional hospital-based study in Saudi Arabia
E. Alsafi, S. Baharoon, A. Ahmed, H.H. Al-Jahdali, S. Al Zahrani and A. Al Sayyari

Determinants of hand hygiene compliance in Egypt: building blocks for a communication strategy
A.-L. Lohiniva, H.Bassim, S.Hafez, E.Kamel, E. Ahmed, T. Saeed and M. Talaat

Invited commentary

Health priorities and the social determinants of health

Regional Committee papers

Achievements, challenges and ongoing work: highlights of the Annual Report WHO

Scaling up mental health care

Medical education in the Eastern Mediterranean Region

From the Millennium Development Goals to the Sustainable Development Goals

Eradication of poliomyelitis

Emergency preparedness and response

Saving the lives of mothers and children

WHO events addressing public health priorities

Health diplomacy: continuing the commitment

Raising the profile of nursing and midwifery in the Eastern Mediterranean Region

Research ethics in the Eastern Mediterranean Region