Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal

Current issue: April 2015

Volume 21, issue 4, April 2015


Progress towards measles elimination in the Eastern Mediterranean Region: successes and challenges
Nadia Teleb and Ezzeddine Mohsni

Research articles

Is diabetes management in primary care improving clinical outcomes? A study in Qatar
I. Mochtar and M.F. Al-Monjed

Designing a national combined reporting form for adverse drug reactions and medication errors
A. Tanti, A. Serracino-Inglott and J.J. Borg

Self-medication with drugs and complementary and alternative medicines in Alexandria, Egypt: prevalence, patterns and determinants
N.A. El-Nimr, I.M.H. Wahdan, A.M.H. Wahdan and R.E. Kotb

Association of caesarean section and neonatal death: a population-based case–control study in Islamic Republic of Iran
Z. Ghaedmohammadi, A. Anaraki, A. Khajeian, M. Khajehian and A. Ostovar

Sociodemographic predictors of acceptance of voluntary HIV testing among pregnant women in a large maternity hospital, Khartoum, Sudan
A.K.M. Idris, E.Z. Elsamani and A.E.A. Elnasri

Effectiveness of meglumine antimoniate against L. tropica in a recently emerged focus of cutaneous leishmaniasis in Birjand, eastern Islamic Republic of Iran
M. Karamian, M.S. Faroghi Bojd, A. Salehabadi, M. Hemmati and D.A. Barati

Predictive factors of death in patients with tuberculosis: a nested case–control study
M. Moosazadeh, A. Nezammahalleh, M. Movahednia, N. Movahednia, N. Khanjani and M. Afshari

Long-term sustainability of zero central-line associated bloodstream infections is possible with high compliance with care bundle elements
E. Hakko, S. Guvenc, I. Karaman, A. Cakmak, T. Erdem and M. Cakmakci

WHO events addressing public health priorities

Food safety: from farm to plate

Responding to chemical events: a multisectoral responsibility