Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal

Current issue: June 2017

Volume 23, issue 6, June 2017


What would it take to eliminate tuberculosis in the Eastern Mediterranean Region?
Mohamed Abdel Aziz, Samiha Baghdadi and Rana Hajjeh

Research articles 

Surveillance of communicable diseases for decision-making in Egypt: 2006–2013
Madiha S.M. Abdel-Razik, Hoda I.I. Rizk and Mahmoud H.M. Hassan

The relation between pica and iron deficiency in children in Zanjan, Islamic Republic of Iran: a case–control study
Mansour Sadeghzadeh Parisa Khoshnevisasl and Sina Sadeghzadeh

Disease and treatment-related factors associated with tuberculosis treatment default in Khartoum State, Sudan: a case–control study
Ahmed O.A. Ali and Martin H. Prins

Health labour market requirements of health professional education in Yemen
Taha Almahbashi, Syed Mohamed Aljunid and Aniza Ismail

Delays in diagnosis and treatment among children with cancer: Egyptian perspective
Suzy Abdelmabood, Shaimaa Kandil, Ahmed Megahed, Ashraf Fouda


The impact of antimicrobial stewardship strategies on antibiotic appropriateness and prescribing behaviours in selected countries in the Middle East: a systematic review
Ziad Nasr, Bridget Paravattil and Kyle J. Wilby

Determinants of caesarean birth on maternal demand in the Islamic Republic of Iran: a review
Fatemeh Darsareh, Teamur Aghamolaei, Minoo Rajaei, Abdoulhossain Madani

Short communication 

Governing the Lebanese health system: strengthening the national response to the burden of Syrian refugees
Alessio Santoro and Martin McKee

WHO events addressing public health priorities

Fostering national bioethics committees: first regional summit in the Eastern Mediterranean Region/Arab States Region