Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal

Current issue: February 2016

Volume 22, issue 2, February 2016


Closing the knowledge gaps on MERS: three and half years since its detection, what have we learnt and what needs to be done urgently?
Mamunur Rahman Malik and Jaouad Mahjour

Research articles

Evaluation of factors associated with failure of tuberculosis treatment under DOTS in northern Islamic Republic of Iran
Kh. Ali Mohammadzadeh, A. Ghayoomi and D. Maghsoudloo

Epidemiology of tuberculosis and evaluation of treatment outcomes in the national tuberculosis control programme, River Nile state, Sudan, 2011–2013
W.M. Elmadhoun, S.K. Noor, S.O. Bushara, E.O. Ahmed, H. Mustafa, A.A. Sulaiman, A.O. Almobarak and M.H. Ahmed

Descriptive epidemiology of physical activity among Omani adults: the Oman World Health Survey, 2008
R.M. Mabry, M. Morsi, J.A. Al-Lawati and N. Owen

Exploring the characteristics of public reproductive health services in the Islamic Republic of Iran from the perspectives of unmarried women: what needs to be changed?
S.Kohan, F. Mohammadi, F. Mostafavi and A. Gholami

Men’s perceptions of and participation in family planning in Aqaba and Ma’an governorates, Jordan
A.M. Hamdan-Mansour, A.O. Malkawi, T. Sato, S.H. Hamaideh and S.I. Hanouneh

Mesure de la qualité de vie en relation avec la santé chez la population de Tétouan (Maroc) à l’aide du SF-36 : données normatives et influence du sexe et de l'âge
L.El Emrani, M. Senhaji et A. Bendriss

Isolation frequency and susceptibility pattern of non-O1 and non-O139 Vibrio cholerae in a tertiary health care laboratory, 1999–2012
S.lrfan, N. Fasih, N.K. Ghanchi and E. Khan

Evaluating the English language scientific writing skills of Saudi dental students at entry level
M.El Tantawi, A. Al-Ansari, S. Sadaf and J. AlHumaid

WHO events addressing public health priorities

Good governance for medicines: moving towards a national framework

Antimicrobial resistance: implementing the global action plan in the Region

Call for papers