Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal

Current issue: March 2016

Volume 22, issue 3, March 2016


Moving away from the comfort zone of tobacco control policies to the highest level of implementation
Fatimah El-Awa, Prasad Vinayak and Douglas Bettcher

Research articles

Risk factors for neonatal intensive care unit admission in Amman, Jordan
C.E. Quinn, P. Sivasubramaniam, M. Blevins, A. Al Hajajra, A. Taleb Znait, N. Khuri-Bulos, S. Faouri and N. Halasa

Trend of bacterial meningitis in Bahrain from 1990 to 2013 and effect of introduction of new vaccines
N. Saeed, H. AlAnsari, S. AlKhawaja, J.S. Jawad, K. Nasser and E. AlYousef

Change in attitudes and knowledge of problem drug use and harm reduction among a community cohort in Kabul, Afghanistan
C.S. Todd, M.R. Stanekzai, A. Nasir, K. Fiekert, M.G. Orr, S.A. Strathdee and D. Vlahov

Accuracy of the VITEK® 2 system for a rapid and direct identification and susceptibility testing of Gram-negative rods and Gram-positive cocci in blood samples
N.A. Nimer, R.J. Al-Saa’da and O. Abuelaish


Routine immunization services in Pakistan: seeing beyond the numbers
S. Husain and S.B. Omer

Short communications

Responding to physical and psychological health impacts of disasters: case study of the Iranian disaster rehabilitation plan
A. Ardalan, S. Sohrabizadeh, M.F. Latifi, M.H. Rajaei, A. Asadi, S. Mirbeigi, N. Rouhi and H. Yousefi

Environmental carcinogen exposure and lifestyle factors affecting cancer risk in Qatar: findings from a qualitative review
R. Denholm, J. Schüz, K. Straif, F.M.H. Ali, F. Bonas, O. Gjebrea, C. Sifton and A.C. Olsson

Letter to the Editor

Medical error reporting: is it about physicians’ knowledge and their practice, or patient safety culture in the workplace?

WHO events addressing public health priorities

Implementing the WHO FCTC: the need to scale up tobacco control

Call for papers