Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal

Current issue: February 2017

Volume 23, issue 2, February 2017


Working together, increasing responsiveness and capacity building
Mahmoud Fikri

Research articles 

Prevalence and determinants of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease among a sample of adult smokers in Baghdad, Iraq, 2014
Faris al Lami and Zainab Salim

Dentists’ perception of primary health care services in family health and mother and child health clinics in Alexandria, Egypt
Maha El Tantawi, Maha A. El-Din Hamza and Marwa M. Sabry

Awareness and practice of patients’ rights among hospitalized patients at Wad-Medani Teaching Hospital, Sudan
Abobaker A.H. Younis, Amal H.A. Hassan, Eylaph M.-E.H Dmyatti, Mehad A.H. Elmubarak, Rahma A.A. Alterife, Rawan E.O. Salim, Samar A.B. Mohamed, Wefag S.A.M. Ahmed

Prevalence of self-medication among university students in Baghdad: a cross-sectional study from Iraq
Rawa J.K. Al-Ameri, Husham J. Abd Al-Badri and Riyadh K. Lafta

Evaluation of the prevalence of waterpipe tobacco smoking and its related factors in Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran
Zahra Hessami, Mohammed R. Masjedi, Reza Ghahremani, Mehdi Kazempour and Habib Emami

Work profile and associated health hazards among nursing students at Mansoura University, Egypt
Hala S. Abou-Elwafa, Eman O. Khashaba, Abdel-Hady El-Gilany, Samar AbdEl-Raouf

The Reality of Liquid Medical Waste Management in Damascus Hospitals
Hanan M. Mukhaiber 


Lebanon’s experience in surveillance of communicable diseases during a mass gathering: Sixth Francophone Games, 2009
Nadine Haddad, Walid Ammar, Alfred Khoury, Alex Cox and Nada Ghosn

WHO events addressing public health priorities 

A regional roadmap to address unopposed marketing of unhealthy foods/beverages to children in the Eastern Mediterranean Region