Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal

Current issue: January 2015

Volume 21, issue 1, January 2015


Winter chill of Geneva warmed by the WHO Executive Board
Ala Alwan

Research articles

Incidence of acute myocardial infarction in Islamic Republic of Iran: a study using national registry data in 2012
A. Ahmadi, H. Soori, Y. Mehrabi, K. Etemad, T. Samavat and A. Khaledifar

Epidemiological and chronological profile of preterm birth in the region of Monastir (Tunisia) between 1994 and 2012
S. El Mhamdi, M. El Ghardallou, A. Ben Salah, I. Bouanene,  A. Sriha, K. Ben Salem, R. Falah and M.S. Soltani

Problems of providing services to people affected by HIV/AIDS: service providers and recipients perspectives
G. Moradi, M. Mohraz, M.M. Gouya, M. Dejman, S.S. Alinaghi, K. Rahmani and H. Malekafzali-Ardakani

Psychometric properties of the Persian version of the Sexual and Reproductive Health Needs Assessment Questionnaire
S. Khani, L. Moghaddam-Banaem, E. Mohamadi, A.A. Vedadhir and E.Hajizadeh

Herbal and nutritional supplement use among college students in Qatar
R. Mamtani, S. Cheema, B. MacRae, H. Alrouh, T. Lopez, M. ElHajj and Z. Mahfoud

Medical faculty members’ perspectives on the components of cross-cultural competence in the Islamic Republic of Iran: a qualitative study
M. Mousavi Bazaz, A. Zabihi Zazoly and H. Karimi Moonaghi

Risk factors influencing dentists’ hepatitis B-related knowledge and attitudes and their willingness to treat hepatitis B positive patients
B. Khosravanifard, V. Rakhshan, S. Sherafat and L. Najafi-Salehi

Short communication 

Development, implementation and evaluation of a medication safety programme for schoolchildren in Qatar
K.J. Wilby, H.M. Hazi and M.A. Ashour

WHO events addressing public health priorities

Accelerating progress towards universal health coverage by engaging the private sector

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