Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal

Current issue: May 2016

Volume 22, issue 5, May 2016


World Health Assembly: creating a supportive environment for health
Ala Alwan

Research articles

Nutrient intake of infants and toddlers in the United Arab Emirates: the Feeding Infants and Toddlers Study
Y.M. Abdulrazzaq, N. Nagelkerke, S. Abdulla and G. Belhaj

Prevalence of iodine deficiency disorders among school children in Saudi Arabia: results of a national iodine nutrition study
M.H. Al-Dakheel, H.K. Haridi, B.M. Al-Bashir, A. Al-Shingiti, S. Al-Shehri, M.A. Gassem and I. Hussein

Customer’s self-audit to improve the technical quality of maternity care in Tabriz: a community trial
K. Gholipour, J.S.Tabrizi, M.Asghari-Jafarabadi, S. Iezadi, N. Farshbaf, F. Rahbar-Farzam and F. Afsharniya

Psychometric properties of the Social Cognitive Theory questionnaire for physical activity in a sample of Iranian adolescent girl students
M.S. Ardestani, S. Niknami, A. Hidarnia, E. Hajizadeh

Development of a method for classification of hospitals based on results of the diagnosis-related groups and the principle of case-mix index

A qualitative study on a 30-year trend of tobacco use and tobacco control programmes in Islamic Republic of Iran
Gh. Heydari, A. Ebn Ahmady, H.A. Lando, F. Chamyani, M. Masjedi, M.B. Shadmehr and L. Fadaizadeh

Characterization of invasive Neisseria meningitidis strains isolated at the Children’s Hospital of Tunis, Tunisia
A. Saguer, H. Smaoui, M-K. Taha and A. Kechrid 


Zika virus: no cases in the Eastern Mediterranean Region but concerns remain
N.N. Tran Minh, Q. Huda, H. Asghar, D. Samhouri, A. Abubakar, C. Barwa, I. Shaikh, E.M. Buliva, P. O. Mala and M. Malik

WHO events addressing public health priorities

Health diplomacy: continuing to build capacity

Reviewing the role of the WHO Global Arabic Programme

Call for papers