Volume 15, issue 6

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Comparison of the effectiveness of 2 treatment regimens in patients with isoniazid-resistant tuberculosis
P. Tabarsi, P. Baghaei, N. Hemmati, M. Mirsaeidi, M. Kazempour, D. Mansouri and M.R. Masjedi
Adverse drug reactions in an Iranian department of adult infectious diseases
Z. Kourorian, F. Fattahi, Z. Pourpak, M. Rasoolinejad and K. Gholami
Epidemiology of meningitis in Oman, 2000–2005
N. Dash, S. Al Khusaiby,T. Behlim, A. Mohammadi, E. Mohammadi and S. Al Awaidy
Caesarean section in the Islamic Republic of Iran: prevalence and some sociodemographic correlates
S. Ahmad-Nia, B. Delavar, H. Eini-Zinab, S. Kazemipour, A.H. Mehryar  and M. Naghavi
Current maternal–infant micronutrient status and the effects on birth weight in the United Arab Emirates
I. Amirlak, M. Ezimokhai, A. Dawodu, K.P. Dawson, J. Kochiyil, L. Thomas and A.M. Abdulle
Anthropometric measurements of term neonates from a state hospital in Turkey
B. Telatar, S. Comert, A. Vitrinel and E. Erginöz
Osteoporosis-related vertebral fractures in postmenopausal women: prevalence in a Saudi Arabian sample
M. Sadat-Ali, A.H. Gullenpet, F. Al-Mulhim, H. Al Turki, H. Al-Shammary, A. Al-Elq and A. Al-Othman
Injection prescribing patterns in public health care facilities in Egypt
C. Bodenschatz, M. Talaat, A. Kandeel, A.L. Lohiniva, E. Radwan and F. Mahoney
Awareness, treatment and control of hypertension, dyslipidaemia and diabetes mellitus in an Iranian population: the IHHP study
S. Shirani, R. Kelishadi, N. Sarrafzadegan, A. Khosravi, Gh. Sadri, A. Amani, S. Heidari and M.A. Ramezani
MetS and cardiovascular risk factors among Palestinians of East Jerusalem
R.A.H. Abu Sham’a, A.K. Darwazah, F.H. Kufri, I.H. Yassin and N.I. Torok
Association of breast artery calcification with coronary artery disease and carotid intima-media thickness in premenopausal women
N. Sarrafzadegann, F. Ashrafi, M. Noorbakhsh, M. Haghighi, M. Sadeghi, F. Mazaheri, S. Asgari and A. Akhavan
Community survey of knowledge about oral cancer in Babol: effect of an education intervention
M.M. Motallebnejad, M. Khanian, R. Alizadeh and I. Dabbaghian
جودة المياه والوصول إليها في الأرض الفلسطينية المحتلة
عصام أحمد الخطيب، إيمان سليمان الريماوي ، لينا إبراهيم غيث ، عبير عبد المجيد التكروري
Review: Criteria for a good referral system for psychiatric patients: the view from Saudi Arabia
N.A. Qureshi, H.T. van der Molen, H.G. Schmidt, T.A. Al-Habeeb and M.E.M. Magzoub
Case report: Tuberculosis of pancreas and peripancreatic lymph nodes: a case report
M.T. Taher, S.M.H. Hashemi, M. Mohammadi and F. Hashemi