Volume 19, issue 12

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High prevalence of HCV coinfection in HIV-infected individuals in Shiraz, Islamic Republic of Iran
A. Alipour, A. Rezaianzadeh, J. Hasanzadeh, A. Rajaeefard, M.A. Davarpanah and M. Hasanabadi
Lifetime and current waterpipe use among adolescents in Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran
A. Baheiraei, Z. Hamzehgardeshi, M.R. Mohammadi, S. Nedjat  and E. Mohammadi
Case report: Ascaris lumbricoides causing acute abdomen: a case report
M.Z.M. Abdellatif, U.S. Belal, E.H. Abdel-Hafeez, A.M. Atiya  and K. Norose