Volume 5, issue 6


Research articles

Genetic diseases in Arab populations

Counselling about genetic disease: an Islamic perspective

Spectrum of genetic disorders and the impact on health care delivery: an introduction

Review of the spectrum of genetic diseases in Bahrain

Preventive aspects of genetic morbidity: experiences of the Canadian model

Potential usefulness of pre-implantation genetic diagnosis in the control and prevention of genetic diseases

Human mutations and their detection by gene and linkage analysis, allele sharing and association methods

Appraisal of sickle-cell and thalassaemia genes in Saudi Arabia

Haplotypes of the b-globin gene as prognostic factors in sickle-cell disease

Pattern for a-thalassaemia in Yemeni sickle-cell-disease patients

Prevalence of thalassaemia in schoolchildren in north-eastern Badia, Jordan

Haemostatic disorders in nonsplenectomized and splenectomized thalassaemic children

Communicating basic genetics to patients with sickle-cell disease

Molecular studies on Yemeni sickle-cell-disease patients: Xmn I polymorphism

Spectrum of hereditary coagulation factor deficiencies in Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia

Classic homocystinuria: clinical, biochemical and radiological observations, and therapeutic outcome of 24 Saudi patients

Tyrosinaemia type II: an easily diagnosed metabolic disorder with a rewarding therapeutic response

Glutathione reductase deficiency in Saudi Arabia

Biotinidase deficiency: a treatable genetic disorder in the Saudi population

Use of FISH technique in the diagnosis of chromosomal syndromes

Application of DNA-based tests for diagnosis of spinal muscular atrophy in Saudi Arabia

Geographic distribution of cystic fibrosis transmembrane regulator gene mutations in Saudi Arabia

Diabetes mellitus, hypertension and obesity — common multifactorial disorders in Saudis