Volume 14, issue 4

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Immigration and hepatitis B virus: epidemiological, clinical and therapeutic aspects
E. Palumbo, G. Scotto, D.C. Cibelli, G. Faleo, A. Saracin and G. Angarano
Prevalence and predictors of non-fatal myocardial infarction in Jordan
M. Nsour, Z. Mahfoud, M.N. Kanaan and A. Balbeissi
Clinical evaluation of Graves ophthalmopathy in north-east Islamic Republic of Iran
M.E. Razavi, R.B. Abotoraby, R.D. Kakhki, S.Z. Ghanavati, P. Layegh, M. Taghavi and M.T. Rajabian
Unhealthy lifestyles and ischaemic electrocardiographic abnormalities: the Persian Gulf Healthy Heart Study
I. Nabipour, M. Amiri, S.R. Imami, S.M. Jahfari, A. Nosrati,D. Iranpour and A.R. Soltanian
Effects of an awareness symposium on perception of Libyan physicians regarding telemedicine
A.M. El Gatit, A.S. Tabet, M. Sherief, G. Warieth, M. Abougharsa and H. Abouzgaia