Volume 13, issue 4


Research articles

Long-term immunity to hepatitis B among a sample of fully vaccinated children in Cairo, Egypt

Epidemiology of tuberculosis among Afghan immigrants in Fars province, southern Islamic Republic of Iran

Exudative pleural effusion: effectiveness of pleural fluid analysis and pleural biopsy

Prévalence de la syphilis et de l’infection à VIH dans une population carcérale féminine au Maroc

Screening for β-thalassaemia carriers in Egypt: significance of the osmotic fragility test

Bleeding duodenal ulcer in patients admitted to Erbil City Hospital, Iraq: 1996–2004

Prevalence and risk factors of gallstone disease in a high altitude Saudi population

Diabetes mellitus: the leading cause of haemodialysis in Jordan

Abnormal Cambridge low-contrast grating sensitivity results associated with diabetic retinopathy as a potential screening tool

Environmental risk factors for refractive error among Egyptian schoolchildren

Effects of hatha yoga on well-being in healthy adults in Shiraz, Islamic Republic of Iran

Prevalence and risk factors of low-birth-weight infants in Zahedan, Islamic Republic of Iran

Growth of infants in relation to type of feeding in Jahrom, Islamic Republic of Iran

Intravaginal prostaglandin-E2 for cervical priming and induction of labour

Number, maturity and phagocytic activity of neutrophils in the three trimesters of pregnancy

Pattern of congenital malformations in consanguineous versus nonconsanguineous marriages in Kashan, Islamic Republic of Iran

Hyaluronic acid versus albumin in human embryo transfer medium

Birth interval: perceptions and practices among urban-based Saudi Arabian women

Safe injection practice among health-care workers in Gharbiya Governorate, Egypt

Attitudes des enseignants à l’égard du tabagisme

Prevalence and predictors of smokeless tobacco use among high-school males in Karachi, Pakistan

Students’ satisfaction with their health and social care educational programmes: qualitative findings from the UK

Do free-of-charge public health services impede cost recovery policies in Khartoum state, Sudan?


Age and sex suicide rates in the Eastern Mediterranean Region based on global burden of disease estimates for 2000

Short communication

Hepatitis B surface antigen, hepatitis C and HIV antibodies in a low-risk blood donor group, Nigeria

Students’ attitudes and practices towards drug and alcohol use at Tabriz University of Medical Sciences

Case report

Spontaneous ruptured and intact bilateral tubal ectopic pregnancy

Floating–Harbor syndrome in a Kuwaiti patient: a case report and literature review

Letters to the Editor