Volume 16, issue 10

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Demographic transition and potential for development: the case of Iraqi Kurdistan
T.S. Al-Hadithi, N.P. Shabila, N.G. Al-Tawil  and S.M. Othman
Prévalence des infections nosocomiales dans 27 hôpitaux de la région méditerranéenne
K. Amazian, J. Rossello, A. Castella, S. Sekkat, S. Terzaki, L. Dhidah, T. Abdelmoumène, J. Fabry et les membres du réseau NosoMed
Absence of lymphatic filariasis infection among secondary-school children in Oman
S.T. Al Awaidy, S. Bawikar, P.K. Patel, P. Kurup, G.S. Sonal, S. Al Mahrooqi and R. Ramzy
Integrated visceral leishmaniasis surveillance system in primary care for children in Meshkin-Shahr district, north-western Islamic Republic of Iran
M. Mohebali, Gh.H. Edrissian, M.R. Shirzadi, Gh. Hosseingholizadeh, M.H. Pashaei, A. Ganji, Z. Zarei, A. Kousha, B. Akhoundi, H. Hajjaran  and H. Malekafzali 
Eosinophilic cationic protein: is it useful in assessing control of childhood asthma?
M. Zedan, A. Settin, F. El-Chennawi, T. El-Desouky, N. Nasef and A. Fouda