Volume 15, issue 5

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Diagnosis of human brucellosis in Egypt by polymerase chain reaction
A.A. El Kholy, H.E. Gomaa, M.G. El Anany and E. Abd El Rasheed
داء الليشمانيات الجلدي في دمشق
محمد وائل تيسير دعبول
Prevalence and etiology of nosocomial diarrhoea in children
S.B. Alrifai, A.Alsaadi, Y.A. Mahmood, A.A. Ali and L.A. Al-Kaisi
Quality of management for acute respiratory tract infections and diarrhoeal diseases in rural Yemen
H.H. Al-Hamzi, L.M. Al-Zubairi, Y.A. Raja’a, A.Y. Al-Dabagh and N.M.F. Al-Bayatti
Appropriateness of hospital admissions in general hospitals in Egypt
M. Al-Tehewy, E. Shehad, M. Al Gaafary, M. Al-Houssiny, D. Nabih and B. Salem
Prevalence and preventability of adverse drug events in a teaching hospital: a cross-sectional study
R. Benkirane, A. Pariente, S. Achour, L. Ouammi, A. Azzouzi and R. Soulaymani
A new role for Women Health Volunteers in urban Islamic Republic of Iran
H. Behdjat,S.B. Rifkin, E. Tarin and M.R. Sheikh
Health and behaviours of Tunisian school youth in an era of rapid epidemiological transition
H. Aounallah-Skhiri, H. Ben Romdhane, B. Maire, H. Elkhdim, S. Eymard-Duvernay, F. Delpeuch and N. Achour
Application of the health promotion model to predict stages of exercise behaviour in Iranian adolescents
P. Taymoori, S. Niknami, T. Berry, F. Ghofranipour and A. Kazemnejad 
Clinical and biochemical profile of alcohol users in Basra
J.F.A. Mossawe, N.A.J. Ali, J.H. Ahmed and L.M. Al-Naama
Self-efficacy: does it predict the effectiveness of contraceptive use in Iranian women?
N. Peyman, A. Hidarnia, F. Ghofranipour, A. Kazemnezhad, D. Oakley, Gh. Khodaee and F. Aminshokravi
Uterine rupture in Dohuk, Iraq
M.A. Yalda and A. Munib
Serum folate and vitamin B12 status in healthy Iranian adults
M. Shams, K. Homayouni  and G.R. Omrani
Nasopharyngeal carcinoma in Saudi Arabia: clinical presentation and diagnostic delay
N. Al-Rajhi, M. El-Sebaie, Y. Khafaga, A. AlZahrani, G. Mohamed and A. Al-Amro
Pattern and possible contributing factors to dialysis-associated arrhythmia in young patients
H. Hasan-Ali, M.H. Maghraby, E. Mosad and A.A. Abd-Elsayed 
Rapport de cas: Carcinosarcome laryngé
N. Benmansour, H. Hachimi, A. Oudidi et M.N. El Alami