Volume 10, issue 1/2


Research articles

Hepatitis B infection among Iraqi children: the impact of sanctions

Supplementary feeding of malnourished children in northern Iraq

Pakistan’s experience of a bioterrorism-related anthrax scare

Anthrax: pathological aspects in autopsy cases in Shiraz, Islamic Republic of Iran, 1960–2001

Coût des soins de santé de base dans une circonscription sanitaire en Tunisie

Life expectancy and cause of death in the Kuwaiti population 1987–2000

Capture–recapture methods for estimation of fertility and mortality in a rural district of Turkey

Adolescents’ use of health services in Alexandria, Egypt: association with mental health problems 

Practice and awareness of health risk behaviour among Egyptian university students

Opioid use in patients presenting with pain in Zahedan, Islamic Republic of Iran 

Right heart haemodynamic values and respiratory function test parameters in chronic smokers

Detection of cotinine in neonate meconium as a marker for nicotine exposure in utero 

Growth charts of Egyptian children with Down syndrome (0–36 months)

Fragile X syndrome: a clinico-genetic study of mentally retarded patients in Kuwait 

Apolipoprotein B gene polymorphisms in people in the East Mediterranean area of Turkey

Improved serum HDL cholesterol profile among Bangladeshi male students during Ramadan fasting

Ischaemic stroke in Jordan: a 2-year hospital-based study of subtypes and risk factors

Prevalence of atrial fibrillation in a primary health care centre in Fars province, Islamic Republic of Iran

Frequency of Yersinia species infection in paediatric acute diarrhoea in Tehran

Quinine therapy in severe Plasmodium falciparum malaria during pregnancy in Sudan

Anopheles arabiensis: abundance and insecticide resistance in an irrigated area of eastern Sudan

Characteristics of tuberculosis patients in Yazd province, Islamic Republic of Iran, 1997–99

La fièvre typhoïde au nord du Liban : étude sur 8 ans (1992-1999) utilisant le test de Widal

Visual outcome of extracapsular cataract extraction and intraocular lens replacement in leprosy patients

Distichiasis and dysplastic eyelashes in trachomatous trichiasis cases in Oman: a case series

Development of the regional malaria training centre


الممارسات الطبية بين خطأ الطبيب ومضاعفات المرض

The district health system: a challenge that remains

Case reports

Rothmund–Thomson syndrome in a young man without cataract involvement

Molecular basis of RhD-positive/D-negative chimerism in two patients