Volume 19, issue 1

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Compliance with haemodialysis practice guidelines in Egypt
A.M.A. Ahmed, M.F. Allam, E.S. Habil, A.M. Metwally, N.A. Ibrahiem, M. Radwan, M.M. El-Gaafary and M.A. Gadallah
Domestic violence against women in Kersa, Oromia region, eastern Ethiopia
W. Shanko, M. Wolday, N. Assefa  and A.R. Aro 
Study of the effect of dietary counselling on the improvement of end-stage renal disease patients
I.S. Hegazy,1 H.A. El Raghy, S.B. Abdel-Aziz and E.M. Elhabashi
Epidemiological characterization of P. aeruginosa isolates of intensive care units in Egypt and Saudi Arabia
S.A. Mansour, O. Eldaly, A. Jiman-Fatani, M.L. Mohamed and E.M. Ibrahim