Volume 20, issue 10

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Trends and future projections of the prevalence of adult obesity in Saudi Arabia, 1992–2022
A.J. Al-Quwaidhi, M.S. Pearce, J.A. Critchley, E. Sobngwi and M. O’Flaherty
Assessment of physical inactivity and perceived barriers to physical activity among health college students, south-western Saudi Arabia
N.J. Awadalla, A.E. Aboelyazed, M.A. Hassanein, S.N. Khalil, R. Aftab, I.I. Gaballa and A.A. Mahfouz
Seroprevalence and risk factors for hepatitis B and C virus infection in Damietta Governorate, Egypt
A. Edris, M.O. Nour, O.O. Zedan, A.E. Mansour, A.A. Ghandour and T. Omran
Knowledge, attitudes and intended behaviours towards HIV testing and self-protection: a survey of Omani pregnant women
A.A. Al-Jabri, R.M. Youssef, S.S. Hasson, A.A. Balkhair, M. Al-Belushi, M. Al-Saadoon, M. Mathew, S. Al-Mahroqi, E. Said, C.Y. Koh and M.A. Idris
Seroprevalence of pertussis antibodies in 6–17-year-old students in Ahvaz, south-west Islamic Republic of Iran
A. Shamsizadeh, R. Nikfar, H. Yusefi, E. Abbasi-Montazeri and B. Cheraghian
Invited review: Injuries and violence in the Eastern Mediterranean Region: a review of the health, economic and social burden
Abdulgafoor M. Bachani,1 Xiaoge Julia Zhang, Katharine A. Allen and Adnan A. Hyder