Volume 21, issue 7

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Comprehensive mental health action plan 2013–2020
S. Saxena, M.K. Funk  and D. Chisholm
Reorganization of mental health services: from institutional to community-based models of care
B. Saraceno, R. Gater, A. Rahman, K. Saeed, J. Eaton, G. Ivbijaro, M. Kidd, C. Dowrick, C. Servili, M.K. Funk  and C. Underhill 
Informing mental health policies and services in the EMR: cost-effective deployment of human resources to deliver integrated community-based care
G. Ivbijaro, V. Patel, D. Chisholm, D. Goldberg, T.A.M. Khoja and T.M. Edwards, Y. Enum  and L.A. Kolkiewic 
Mental health and psychosocial support in humanitarian emergencies
M. van Ommeren, F. Hanna, I. Weissbecker  and P. Ventevogel 
Mental health surveillance and information systems
R. Gater, D. Chisholm  and C. Dowrick
Mental health policy and strategic plan
M.K. Funk  and N.J. Drew
Mental health legislation
M.K. Funk  and N.J. Drew