Volume 17, issue 5

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Ecology of malaria vector Anopheles culicifacies in a malarious area of Sistan va Baluchestan province, south-east Islamic Republic of Iran
Vatandoost, S.N. Emami, M.A. Oshaghi, M.R. Abai, A. Raeisi, N. Piazzak, M. Mahmoodi, K. Akbarzadeh and M. Sartipi
La morbidité respiratoire en médecine générale dans la région de Sousse (Tunisie)
T.N. Ajmi, I. Bougmiza, C. Zedini, M. El Ghardallou, R. Gataa et A. Mtiraoui
Analysis of surgical emergencies in Benghazi, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
A.A. Alshektheria, A.A. Salam, A.M. Bushala, M.A. Omer and R. Elwarfaly
Public knowledge, beliefs and practices in Greece about cancer etiology and prevention
K.Charalabopoulos, G. Makris, A. Charalabopoulos, C. Golias and K. Athanasiou
Oral hygiene status of Kuwaiti schoolchildren
S.A. Al-Mutawa, M. Shyama, Y. Al-Duwairi and P. Soparkar
Anthropometric characteristics and obesity among adolescents in the United Arab Emirates
A.A. Bin Zaal, J. Brebner, A.O. Musaiger and R. D’Souza