Volume 16, issue 4

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Case report: Paravertebral abscess and neurological deficits in cervical brucellar spondylitis
V. German, N. Papadopoulos, C. Diakalis, C. Goritsas and A. Ferti
Disclosing the truth to terminal cancer patients: a discussion of ethical and cultural issues
G.A. Kazdaglis, C. Arnaoutoglou, D. Karypidis, G. Memekidou, G. Spanos  and O. Papadopoulos 
Snake bite envenomation: experience at King Abdulaziz Medical City, Riyadh
H. Al-Durihim, M. Al-Hussaini, S. Bin Salih, I. Hassan, M. Harakati  and A. Al Hajjaj 
Burnout among clinical dental students at Jordanian universities
D.H. Badran, M.H. Al-Ali, R.B. Duaibis  and W.M. Amin
Effect of Clupeonella grimmi (anchovy/kilka) fish oil on dysmenorrhoea
A.A. Moghadamnia, N. Mirhosseini, M. Haji Abadi, A. Omranirad  and Sh. Omidvar 
Menarcheal age of mothers and daughters: Tehran Lipid and Glucose Study
F.R. Tehrani, P.Mirmiran, S. Zahedi-Asl, K. Nakhoda  and F. Azizi 
Metabolic syndrome in patients with hypertension attending a family practice clinic in Jordan
N. Yasein, M. Ahmad, F. Matrook, L. Nasir  and E.S. Froelicher