Volume 15, issue 3

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TB contact investigations: 12 years of experience in the National TB Programme, Morocco 1993–2004
S. Ottmani, M. Zignol, N. Bencheikh, L. Laâsri, L. Blanc and J. Mahjour 
Results of the feasibility test of the Practical Approach to Lung Health in the Syrian Arab Republic
F. Me’emary, S-E. Ottmani, A. Pio, S. Baghdadi, G. Assafin, M. Koraym, M. Saleh, H. Bashour, A. Seita and L. Blanc
Immune response to measles vaccine after mass vaccination in Urmia, Islamic Republic of Iran
Z. Yekta, R. Pourali, M.R. Taravati, S. Shahabi, S. Salary, F. Khalily and A. Farzin
Rubella seroprevalence among women aged 15–39 years in Morocco
H. Caidi, S. Bloom, M. Azilmaat, A. Benjouad, S. Reef and R. El Aouad
Prevalence of oropharyngeal colonization by Haemophilus influenzae type b in Iranian children
A. Karimi, A. Alborzi, A. Fahimzad, M. Gooya, A. Esteghamati, S.H. Armin and F. Fallah 
Stunting is a major risk factor for overweight: results from national surveys in 5 Arab countries
A. El Taguri, F. Besmar, A. Abdel Monem, I. Betilmal, C. Ricour and M-F. Rolland-Cachera
Prevalence of type 2 diabetes in the Islamic Republic of Iran: systematic review and meta-analysis
A.A Haghdoost, M. Rezazadeh-Kermani, B. Sadghirad and H.R. Baradaran
Incidence of cancer in Gulf Cooperation Council countries, 1998–2001
N.Al-Hamdan, K. Ravichandran, J. Al-Sayyad, J. Al-Lawati, Z. Khazal, F. Al-Khateeb, A. Abdulwahab and A. Al-Asfour
Providing emotional stability through relaxation training
M. Janbozorgi, A. Zahirodin, N. Norri, R. Ghafarsamar and J. Shams
Skin manifestations of chronic hepatitis C virus infection in Cairo, Egypt
H.M.Z. Raslan, W.M. Ezzat, M.F. Abd El Hamid, H. Emam and K.S. Amre
Lupus et virus d’Epstein-Barr
I. Tazi, S. Fehri, K. Elghrari, T. Ouazzani et N. Benchemsi
Healthy lifestyle habits among Greek university students: differences by sex and faculty of study
I. Tirodimos, I. Georgouvia, T-N. Savvala, E. Karanika and D. Noukari 
Report: Design and implementation of a hospital information system for the Palestine Red Crescent Society in Lebanon
L. Rossi, E. Materia, A. Hourani, H. Yousef, V. Racalbuto, C. Venier and M. Osman