Volume 20, issue 2

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Framework for assessing stewardship of the oral health system in Islamic Republic of Iran
B. Tahani, S. Yazdani, M.H. Khoshnevisan, P. Dugdale, S. Siddiqi and A. Ebn Ahmady
Capacity building of public health laboratories in Afghanistan: challenges and successes (2007–2011)
D.S. Elyan, J.H. Monestersky, M.O. Wasfy, B. Noormal and B.A. Oyofo
Tuberculosis awareness in Gezira, Sudan: knowledge, attitude and practice case–control survey
M.M.A. Suleiman, N. Sahal, M. Sodemann, A. Elsony  and A.R. Aro
Genotype characterization of occult hepatitis B virus strains among Egyptian chronic hepatitis C patients
R. Kishk, H. Aboul Atta, M. Ragheb, M. Kamel, L. Metwally  and N. Nemr