Volume 8, issue 6



HIV/AIDS in the Eastern Mediterranean: a false immunity?

Invited papers

Information needs assessment for HIV/AIDS and STIs in the Eastern Mediterranean Region

Tuberculosis and HIV in the Eastern Mediterranean Region

Research articles

Knowledge, attitudes and beliefs about HIV/AIDS in Sana’a, Yemen

Knowledge and attitudes towards AIDS among Saudi and non-Saudi bus drivers

Prisoners’ knowledge of HIV/AIDS and its prevention in Kerman, Islamic Republic of Iran

Knowledge of AIDS and self-efficacy to high-risk sexual practices among Lebanese males in New York

Human immunodeficiency virus and tuberculosis co-infection in Saudi Arabia

Reduction of clinical tuberculosis in HIV-infected males with isoniazid prophylaxis

Thrombocytopenia in HIV-infected patients, Islamic Republic of Iran

Heterosexual awareness and practices among Lebanese male conscripts

Risk behaviours associated with urethritis and genital ulcer disease in prison inmates, Sindh, Pakistan

Knowledge about hepatitis B and C among patients attending family medicine clinics in Karachi

Les écoulements urétraux au Maroc : prévalence des germes et sensibilité du gonocoque

Prevalence of human papillomavirus in Mazandaran province, Islamic Republic of Iran

La pathologie vulvaire


Some characteristics of the HIV epidemic in Morocco

Pathologie de la sphère ORL au cours de l’infection par le virus de l’immunodéficience humaine

Case report

Maladies parasitaires observées au cours du SIDA au Maroc