Volume 1, issue 1

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Growing up in Qatif Child health profile of Qatif region in Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia
Mohammed Al Fadel Saleh, Suleiman A. Al-Suleiman, Baker Al-Awamy and Kanwar K. Kaul
Identifying at-risk children under five in the Sudan
Muzamil Hassan Abdelgadir, AbdelRahman El Tom, Zein El Abedeen Karar and Ilham Sid Ahmed
Low birth weight in the Taif Region, Saudi Arabia
Khalid A. Madani, Hassan A. Nasrat, Abdulrahman A. Al-Nowaisser, Rufaida H. Khashoggi and Bahaa A. Abalkhail
Assessment of the prevalence of iodine deficiency disorders among primary school children in Cairo
Nawal A. El Sayed, Hanaa M. Ismail, Mohamed A. Hussein and Abdel Rahman A. Kamel
Anaemia in the Eastern Mediterranean Region
Anna Verster and Jolieke C. van der Pols
Testing of several methods of sterilization in dental practice
Falak Jamani, Taha Rababah, Rasha Qsous, Hani Ababneh and Daameh Daameh
Features of sickle-cell disease in Bahrain
Sheikha Salim Al Arrayed and Neva Haites