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WHO | Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean

Volume 6, issue 4


Research articles

La santé pour tous en republique de Djibouti

Current situation, progress and prospects of health for all in Egypt

Family planning services and programmes in countries of the Eastern Mediterranean Region

Maternal mortality surveillance and maternal death reviews in countries of the Eastern Mediterranean Region

Caring for the elderly: a report on the status of care for the elderly in the Eastern Mediterranean Region

Vaccines: World Health Organization versus Federal Drug Administration recommended formula

Premarital genetic investigations: effect of genetic counselling

Validity of death certificates for coding coronary heart disease as the cause of death in Bahrain

Survey and surveillance development in settings with low human immunodeficiency virus prevalence

Tendances de la consommation tabagique en Tunisie

Teaching medical ethics in Basra: perspective of students and graduates

Integrating maternal and child health with primary health care in Saudi Arabia

Reflections on maternal mortality in two decades

Drug addiction: a general review of new concepts and future challenges

Water-conscious development and the prevention of water misuse and wastage in the Eastern Mediterranean Region

Integration of health care delivery in the Eastern Mediterranean Region of the World Health Organization

Health and development

Basic development needs approach in the Eastern Mediterranean Region: from theory to practice

Partnership of the community in support of health for all

Role of academia and professional associations in support of health for all

Impact of sanctions on the population of Iraq

Fifty years of veterinary public health activities in the Eastern Mediterranean Region

Health for all in Cyprus: current situation, progress and prospects

Primary health care networks in the Islamic Republic of Iran

Health for all in the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

Health for all in Pakistan: achievements, strategies and challenges

Health for all in the United Arab Emirates

[Recent trends in teaching medical ethics]

Reflections on health-for-all developments and prospects

Health 21. Regional health-for-all policy and strategy for the 21st century