Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal | Past issues | Volume 19, 2013 | Volume 19, supplement 1 (Coronavirus)

Volume 19, supplement 1 (Coronavirus)

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Novel coronavirus infection: time to stay ahead of the curve
Ala Alwan, Jaouad Mahjour  and Ziad A. Memish 
Saudi Arabia and the emergence of a novel coronavirus
Z.A. Memish, R. Alhakeem  and G.M. Stephens 
Novel coronavirus infections in Jordan, April 2012: epidemiological findings from a retrospective investigation
B. Hijawi, M. Abdallat, A. Sayaydeh, S. Alqasrawi, A. Haddadin, N. Jaarour, S. Alsheikh  and T. Alsanouri 
The early response to a novel coronavirus in the Middle East
A. Mounts, S. De La Rocque, J. Fitzner, E. Garcia, H.L. Thomas, D. Brown, H. Schuster, K. Vandemaele, H. Esmat, S. Eremin  and A. Mafi 
Novel coronavirus infection in the Eastern Mediterranean Region: time to act
M.R. Malik, A.R. Mafi , J. Mahjour, M. Opoka, M. Elhakim and M.O. Muntasir 
Infection prevention and control measures for acute respiratory infections in healthcare settings: an update
W.H. Seto, J.M. Conly, C.L. Pessoa-Silva, M. Malik  and S. Eremin 
Emerging respiratory and novel coronavirus 2012 infections and mass gatherings
J.A. Al-Tawfiq, C.A.H. Smallwood, K.G. Arbuthnott, M.S.K. Malik, M. Barbeschi  and Z.A. Memish 
Enhanced surveillance and investigation of coronavirus: what is required?
R.G. Pebody, A. Nicoll, U. Buchholz, M. Zambon and A. Mounts
Highlights and conclusions from the technical consultative meeting on novel coronavirus infection, Cairo, Egypt, 14–16 January 2013
C. Joseph, M.R. Malik, A.W. Mounts, A. R. Mafi,. Briand, Z.A. Memish  and the technical working group for the meeting on novel coronavirus