Volume 16, issue 3

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AIDS awareness and attitudes among Yemeni young people living in high-risk areas
A.W. Al-Serouri, M. Anaam, B. Al-Iryani, A. Al Deram and S. Ramaroson
Evidence-based approach to HIV/AIDS policy and research prioritization in the Islamic Republic of Iran
A. Feizzadeh, S. Nedjat, S. Asghari, A. Keshtkar, R. Heshmat, H. Setayesh and R. Majdzadeh
Chlamydia trachomatis and cervical intraepithelial neoplasia in married women in a Middle Eastern community
M. Valadan, F. Yarandi, Z. Eftekhar, S. Darvish, M.S. Fathollahi and A. Mirsalehian
Accuracy of ultrasound, clinical and maternal estimates of birth weight in term women
T. Ashrafganjooei, T. Naderi, B. Eshrati and N. Babapoor
Lupoid leishmaniasis due to Leishmania major with remaining large scars: report of 2 cases
G. Sadeghian, H. Ziaei, L. Shirani-Bidabadi and M.A. Nilforoushzadeh