Volume 13, issue 3


Research articles

Quality improvement programme for diabetes care in family practice settings in Dubai

Connaissances des patients diabétiques de type 2 sur leur maladie à Sousse (Tunisie)

Relation between hypercholesterolaemia and vascular endothelial microinflammation

Diagnostic value of homocysteine, C-reactive protein and bilirubin for coronary artery disease

Distribution des facteurs de risque cardio-vasculaire chez des patients coronariens dans le Sahel tunisien

Does the number of previous caesarean deliveries affect maternal outcome and complication rates?

Preterm delivery risk factors: a prevention strategy in Shiraz, Islamic Republic of Iran

Epidemiology of neural tube defects in northern Iran, 1998–2003

Parental consanguinity among parents of neonates with congenital hypothyroidism in Isfahan

Prevalence of refractive error and low vision among schoolchildren in Cairo

Prevalence and causes of childhood blindness in camps for displaced persons in Khartoum: results of a household survey

Prevalence and risk factors for hearing disorders in secondary school students in Ismailia, Egypt

Evaluation of the Ministry of Health school oral health programme in the West Bank region of Palestine

Traumatic and non-traumatic coma in children in the referral hospital, Al-Hasa, Saudi Arabia

Effectiveness of cognitive behaviour therapy in schoolchildren with depressive symptoms in Alexandria, Egypt

Neuroleptic-induced tardive dyskinesia among Arab psychotic patients

Sleep–wake cycle disturbances in protein–energy malnutrition: effect of nutritional rehabilitation

In vivo (rat assay) assessment of nutritional improvement of peas (Pisum sativum L.)

Epidemiology and cost of haemodialysis in Jordan

Efficacy of DOTS strategy in treatment of respiratory tuberculosis in Gorgan, Islamic Republic of Iran

Tuberculosis of the breast: report of 4 clinical cases and literature review

Epidemiology and risk factors of brucellosis in Alexandria governorate

Vectors and reservoirs of cutaneous leishmaniasis in Marvdasht district, southern Islamic Republic of Iran

معالجة النفايات الطبية في مراكز الرعاية الصحية بالأراضي الفلسطينية المحتلة


Khat (Catha edulis): health aspects of khat chewing


Tobacco control in Bahrain: an overview

Short communication

Health research priority setting in developing countries of the Eastern Mediterranean Region: partnering with The Cochrane Collaboration

Case report

Pseudomonas stutzeri: a rare cause of neonatal septicaemia

Letters to the Editor