Volume 6, issue 1


Research articles

Demand and supply of doctors and dentists in Bahrain, 1998-2005

The need for traditional birth attendants (dayas) in Saudi Arabia

Alternative medicine and the medical profession: views of medical students and general practitioners

Breast self-examination practice and its impact on breast cancer diagnosis in Alexandria, Egypt

Caesarean sections at Queen Alia Military Hospital, Jordan: a six-year review

Early teenage marriage and subsequent pregnancy outcome

Neonatal audit in the United Arab Emirates: a country with a rapidly developing economy

Major congenital anomalies at birth in Benghazi, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, 1995

Levels of some trace metals and related enzymes in workers at storage-battery factories in Iraq

Hypoglycaemic effect of aqueous extract of the leaves of Trigonella foenum-graecum in healthy volunteers

Acute haematogenous osteomyelitis: microbial conversion and unusual age presentation

Management of decompression sickness in Jordan

Drug compliance among hypertensive patients in Kassala, Eastern Sudan

Marib Dam: the importance of environmental and health impact studies for development projects

Training families to better manage schizophrenics' behaviour

Prevalence of tinea capitis among schoolchildren in Iraq

Tinea capitis in Iraq: laboratory results

Role of mycoplasma in male infertility

Distribution of ABO and Rh blood groups in Nepalese medical students: a report

Bahraini women's health: a background paper

Genotyping human platelet alloantigens (HPA 1-5) in Saudis from Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia

Reasons for tooth extraction among patients in Sebha, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya: a pilot study

Les algues dans les retenues de barrage utilisées pour la production de l'eau potable au Maroc

Neonatal intestinal obstruction

Degos disease in a 24-year-old Jordanian male

Basal cell carcinoma on nickel dermatitis