Volume 19, issue 8

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High tuberculosis treatment success in Kabul, Afghanistan despite high patient transfers out
M. Zhuben, F.M. Delawer, A.H. Andar, F. Salimi and J. Ngamvithayapong-Yanai
Management of paediatric tuberculosis in provincial and district hospitals in Afghanistan
F.M. Delawer, M. Isono, H. Ueki, M. Zhuben, M. Zafari, M.K. Seddiq, H. Habib and M.K. Ayoubi
Tobacco use among Iranian dental students: a national survey
H. Keshavarz, M.R. Khami, A. Jafari  and J.I. Virtanen
Relation between serum ferritin and liver and heart MRI T2* in beta thalassaemia major patients
A. Azarkeivan, M. Hashemieh, S. Akhlaghpoor, A. Shirkavand, M. Yaseri and K. Sheibani
Tuberculosis and migration: a review
N.M. Kronfol and Z. Mansour
Prevalence of tobacco use among adult and adolescent females in Egypt
F. El Awa, H. Fouad, R.A. El Naga, A.H. Emam and S. Labib