Volume 16, issue 9

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Childhood obesity in the Middle East: a review
P. Mirmiran, R. Sherafat-Kazemzadeh, S. Jalali-Farahani and F. Azizi
Obesity in Saudi children: a dangerous reality
S.S. Al-Dossary, P.E. Sarkis, A. Hassan, M. Ezz El Regal and A.E. Fouda
Role of dipstick in detection of haeme pigment due to rhabdomyolysis in victims of Bam earthquake
M. Amini, A. Sharifi, I. Najafi, P. Eghtesadi-Araghi and M.R. Rasouli
Clinico-pathological profile of acute promyelocytic leukaemia at Al-Amal oncology-haematology centre, Qatar
F.A. Ibrahim, M.A.Yassin, H.R. El-Ayoubi, I.A. Alhijji, A.S. Albinali, S.M. Almansour and F.M. Qafoud
Diabetes mellitus and sensorineural hearing loss among non-elderly people
M. Mozaffari, A. Tajik, N. Ariaei, F. Ali-Ehyaii and H. Behnam
Microbiological and chemical profile of Lebanese qishta (heat-coagulated milk)
Z.G. Kassaify, M. Najjar, I. Toufeili and A. Malek