Volume 20, issue 12

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Tobacco use and associated factors among school students in Dubai, 2010: intervention study
H.A. Obaid, M.A. Hassan,1 N.H. Mahdy, M.I. ElDisouky, F.E. Alzarba, S.R. Alnayeemi, M.C. Rillera and B.S. AlMazrooei
Role of smoke-free legislation on emergency department admissions for smoking-related diseases in Kocaeli, Turkey
F. Yıldız, S.A. Barış, İ. Başyiğit, H. Boyacı, H. Aydınlık  and P.Ö. Sönmez 
Perinatal health care in a conflict-affected setting: evaluation of health-care services and newborn outcomes at a regional medical centre in Iraq
F.A.B. Ahamadani, H. Louis, P. Ugwi, R. Hines, M. Pomerleau, R. Ahn, T.F. Burke  and B.D. Nelson 
Experiences of stigma among hepatitis B and C patients in Rawalpindi and Islamabad, Pakistan
I. Rafique, M.A.N. Saqib, S. Siddiqui, M.A. Munir, H. Qureshi, N. Javed, S. Naz  and I.Z. Tirmazi 
Typology and credibility of Internet health websites originating from Gulf Cooperation Council countries
A.S. Weber, M. Verjee, Z. H. Rahman, F. Ameerudeen 1 and N. Al-Baz 
Physicians’ attitudes towards interaction with the pharmaceutical industry
F.D. Alosaimi1 A. Al Kaabba, M. Qadi, A. Albahlal, Y. Alabdulkarim, M. Alabduljabbar  and F. Alqahtani