Volume 21, issue 12

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Examining health care spending trends over a decade: the Palestinian case
S. Hamidi, H.Ö. Narcı, F.Akinci  and O. Nacakgedigi
Estimation de la fraction attribuable du cancer du poumon liée au tabac au Maroc
M. Obtel, C. Nejjari, N. Tachfouti, N. Abda, L. Belakhel  et S. Mathoulin-Pelissier
Validation of the General Self-Efficacy Scale among Qatari young women
A. Crandall, H.F. Abdul Rahim and K.M. Yount 
Development and validation of a new tool to measure Iranian pregnant women’s empowerment
N.S. Borghei, A.Taghipour, R. Latifnejad Roudsari and A. Keramat
Burnout among physicians and nursing staff working in the emergency hospital of Tanta University, Egypt
S.A.M. Abdo, R.M. El-Sallamy, A.A.M. El-Sherbiny  and I.A. Kabbash
Youth in crisis in the Middle East and North Africa: a systematic literature review and focused landscape analysis
M. Fehling, Z.M. Jarrah, M.E. Tiernan, S. Albezreh, M.J. VanRooyen, A. Alhokair  and B.D. Nelson