Volume 18, issue 7

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Research priorities in medical education in the Eastern Mediterranean Region
M. Amini, J. Kojuri, F. Lotfi, Z. Karimian and A.S.H. Abadi
Characteristics of physicians practising in Lebanon: a survey
E.A. Akl, K. El-Asmar, B. Khater-Menassa, N. Maroun and S. Adib
Epidemiological study on tobacco smoking among university students in Damascus, Syrian Arab Republic
W. Al-Kubaisy, N.N. Abdullah, H. Al-Nuaimy, G. Halawany  and S. Kurdy
Prehypertension among young adult females in Dammam, Saudi Arabia
M.R. Koura, B.K. Al-Dabal, P. Rasheed, L.S. Al-Sowielem and S.M. Makki
Association between modifiable lifestyle factors and inflammatory markers in patients with metabolic syndrome
M. Golzarand, K. Toolabi, M. Ebrahimi-Mameghani, A. Aliasgarzadeh and S. Arefhosseini
Knowledge and practices of women in Iraqi universities on breast self examination
ندى عبد الصاحب العلوان، وفاء محمد العطار، رغدة العيسى ، زيد المدفعي، فرات نضال
Les môles hydatiformes partielles au Maroc : étude épidémiologique et clinique
H. Boufettal, P. Coullin, S. Mahdaoui, M. Noun, S. Hermas et N. Samouh
Attending to women’s sexual health in Bahrain: does physician’s gender make a difference?
Z. Al-Mohsen,N. Grant, M.A. Obaidat, H. Al-Farra, N. Budhaish  and W. Al-Farra