Volume 15, issue 4

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Pattern of varicella and associated complications in children in United Arab Emirates: 5-year descriptive study
S.A. Uduman, M. Sheek-Hussein, M. Bakir, O. Trad, M. Al-Hussani, J. Uduman  and F. Sheikh
Risk factors for hypertension among the adult Moroccan population
M.A. Tazi, S. Abir-Khalil, F. Lahmouz, M.L. Arrach and N. Chaouki
High frequency of low serum levels of vitamin B12 among patients attending Jordan University Hospital
F.F. Barghouti, N.A. Younes, L.J. Halaseh, T.T. Said and S.M. Ghraiz
Caesarean delivery rates, determinants and indications in Makassed Hospital, Jerusalem 1993 and 2002
N. Mikki, N.M.E. Abu-Rmeileh, L. Wick, N. Abu-Asab  and S. Hassan-Bitar
Prevalence estimate of intimate partner violence in Jordan
C.J. Clark, D.E. Bloom, A.G. Hill and J.G. Silverman
Relationship of pharmacist interaction with patient knowledge of dispensed drugs and patient satisfaction
A. Garjani, M. Rahbar, T. Ghafourian, N. Maleki, Af. Garjani, M. Salimnejad, M. Shamsmohammadi, V. Baghchevan and H. Aghajani
Correlates of ever-smoking habit among adolescents in Tabuk, Saudi Arabia
A.M. Abdalla, A.A. Saeed, B.M. Abdulrahman, A.F. Al-Kaabba and H. Raat
Case report: Brucella meningitis: first reported case in Egypt
A.M. Mansour, I.I. Nakhla, Y.A. Sultan and R.W. Frenck Jr
Short communication: Paediatric gastrointestinal endoscopy: experience in a Sudanese university hospital
H.M.Y. Mudawi, M.A. El Tahir, S.H. Suleiman, N.H. Eltaybe, N.M. Gamer, F.A. Abdallha and S.Z. Ibrahim