Volume 21, issue 11

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Confronting climate change in the EMR: a win–win public health approach
A. Basel Al-Yousfi, Maria Neira  and Hamed Bakir
Study of prevalence and effects of insulin resistance in patients with chronic hepatitis C genotype 4
A.F. Amer, M.M. Baddour, M.A. Elshazly, G. Fadally, N.F. Hanafi  and S.L. Assar
Trauma research in Qatar: a literature review and discussion of progress after establishment of a trauma research centre
A. El-Menyar, M. Asim,A. Zarour, H. Abdelrahman, R. Peralta, A. Parchani  and H. Al-Thani 
Socioeconomic inequality and child maltreatment in Iranian schoolchildren
Z. Hosseinkhani, S. Nedjat, A. Aflatouni, M. Mahram and R. Majdzadeh
Ageing and intergenerational family ties in Arab countries
N.M. Kronfol, A. Rizk  and A.M. Siba
Jordan tobacco dependence treatment guidelines: rationale and development
H. Ayub, N. Obeidat, S. Leischow, T. Glynn and F. Hawari