Volume 15, issue 1

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Environmental exposure to asbestos and the exposure–response relationship with mesothelioma
M.T. Madkour, M.S. El Bokhary, H.I.Awad Allah, A.A.Awad and H.F. Mahmoud
National Survey of Prevalence of Mental Disorders in Egypt: preliminary survey
M. Ghanem, M. Gadallah, F.A. Meky, S. Mourad and G. El-Kholy
Direct estimation of life expectancy in the Islamic Republic of Iran in 2003
F. Pourmalek, F. Abolhassani, M. Naghavi, K. Mohammad, R. Majdzadeh, K. Holakouie Naeini and A. Fotouhi
Could the MMR vaccine replace the measles vaccine at one year of age in Egypt?
A.A. Abbassy, S.S. Barakat, M.M. Abd El Fattah, Z.N. Said and H.A. El Metwally
Distinguishing between primary infection and reinfection with rubella vaccine virus by IgG avidity assay in pregnant women
R. Hamkar, S. Jalilvand, M.H. Abdolbaghi, K.N. Jelyani, A. Esteghamati, A. Hagh-goo, T. Mohktari-Azad and R. Nategh
Training on the Practical Approach to Lung Health: effect on drug prescribing in PHC settings in Jordan
K. Abu Rumman, S. Ottmani, N. Abu Sabra, S. Baghdadi, A. Seita and L. Blanc
Seroprevalence of Helicobacter pylori in Nahavand: a population-based study
A.H.M. Alizadeh, S. Ansari, M. Ranjbar, H.M. Shalmani, I. Habibi, M. Firouzi and M.R. Zali
Seroepidemiology of hepatitis E virus infection in 2–25-year-olds in Sari district, Islamic Republic of Iran
M.J. Saffar, R. Farhadi, A. Ajami, A.R. Khalilian, F. Babamahmodi and H. Saffar
نظرة ناقدة لمقررات اللغة العربية كإحدى مطلوبات التعليم العالي في كليات العلوم الصحية بجامعة الجزيرة
أحمد عبد الله محمداني، سميرة حامد عبد الرحمن ، عمر السيد الطيب العباس
Epidemiological transition of some diseases in Oman: a situational analysis
S.S. Ganguly, M.A. Al-Shafaee, J.A. Al-Lawati, P.K. Dutta and K.K. Duttagupta
Diffuse myelitis in a 9-month-old infant: case report and review of the literature
O. Hüdaoglu, U. Yis, S. Kurul, H. Çakmakçi, M. Saygi and E. Dirik
Oral contraceptive pills and inherited thrombophilia in a young woman with deep venous thrombosis
R.A.R. Mahfouz, Z.K. Otrock, M.A. Ghasham, A.S. Sabbagh, A.T. Taher and A. Bazarbachi