Volume 5, issue 2


Research articles

Mental health services in the Arab world

Relapse among substance-abuse patients in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Levels of disability among the elderly in institutionalized and home-based care in Bahrain

A retrospective audit of electroconvulsive therapy at King Khalid University Hospital, Saudi Arabia

Motor terminal latency index in carpal tunnel syndrome

Role of health education programmes within the Libyan community

Safer roads for children in the United Arab Emirates

Violence among schoolchildren in Alexandria

Nucleolus organizer region heteromorphism in patients with Down syndrome and their parents

Correlates of age at natural menopause: a community-based study in Alexandria

The use of medication in infants in Alexandria, Egypt

L'antibiothérapie en médecine générale à Monastir, Tunisie

Fungal infection of burn wounds in patients with open and occlusive treatment methods

Prevalence of malocclusion in a sample of Lebanese schoolchildren: an epidemiological study

Iron status of Libyan infants with urinary tract infection

Bronchoconstrictor effect of exercise in healthy Libyan children in Tripoli

Eating disorders: a transcultural perspective

تقييم معارف و مواقف العاملين في طب الاسنان حول متلازمة العوز المناعي المكتسب (الإيدز)

Mental health manpower development in Afghanistan: a report on a training course for primary health care physicians

Integration of mental health into primary care in Al-Qassim Region, Saudi Arabia: planning phase I

Integration of mental health into primary care in Al-Qassim Region, Saudi Arabia: curriculum development II

Secnidazole response in amoebiasis and giardiasis