Volume 5, issue 4


Research articles

A century that sets and a century that rises

Environmental health: a discipline in transition

Schoolboys in urban industrial environments: are they at increased risk of bronchial asthma?

Eosinophil cationic protein as a serological marker of disease activity in childhood bronchial asthma

Epidemiological and risk predictors of severity of school injuries

Iranian rural health workers (behvarz) and risk factors of childhood injury

Effects of environmental tobacco smoke on the health of children in the Syrian Arab Republic

Bionomics of anopheline vectors in Zabid District, Al-Hodeidah Governorate, Republic of Yemen

Clinical, laboratory and X-ray findings of drowning and near-drowning in the Gulf of Aqaba

Postvaccination mass psychogenic illness in an Iranian rural school

"Near miss" obstetric morbidity in an inner city hospital in Saudi Arabia

Ovarian cancer in Alexandria from 1988 to 1997: trends and survival

Risk profiles for sexually transmitted diseases among patients attending the venereal disease clinic at Alexandria Main University Hospital

Compliance and control of diabetes in a family practice setting, Saudi Arabia

Lipid profiles in the Isfahan population: an Isfahan cardiovascular disease risk factor survey, 1994

Emergency health services systems

Water conservation through Islamic public awareness in the Eastern Mediterranean Region

Lead, the ugly trace element: occurrence, effects, screening and treatment

دراسة الفعالية المضادة للجراثيم للمستخلصات المائية لنبات الثوم

Alexandria healthy city and women's development project

Artificial stratification of the reservoir dam Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah in Morocco

Malaria: a question of an etiological role in diabetes mellitus

Non-neoplastic gastrojejunocolic fistula in a 68-year-old male patient

Ovale malaria: a case report from the Republic of Yemen

Letter to the Editor