Volume 16, supplement

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Human organ and tissue transplantation in Pakistan: when a regulation makes a difference
K.M. Bile, J.A.R.H. Qureshi, S.A.H. Rizvi, S.A.A. Naqvi, A.Q. Usmani and K.A. Lashari
Impact of wealth status on health outcomes in Pakistan
A.Y. Alam, S. Nishtar, S. Amjad and K.M. Bile
Pakistan human resources for health assessment, 2009
A. Hafeez, Z. Khan, K.M. Bile, R. Jooma and M. Sheikh
Essential medicines management during emergencies in Pakistan
S.K.S. Bukhari, J.A.R.H. Qureshi, R. Jooma, K.M. Bile, G.N. Kazi, W.A. Zaibi and A. Zafar