Volume 13, issue 2


Research articles

Profile of community- and hospital-acquired pneumonia cases admitted to Basra General Hospital, Iraq

Escherichia coli, Shigella and Salmonella species in acute diarrhoea in Hamedan, Islamic Republic of Iran

Prevalence of hepatitis C virus infection and risk factors of drug using prisoners in Guilan province

Plasma met-enkephalin, β-endorphin and leu-enkephalin levels in human hepatic encephalopathy

Platelet aggregation and physiological anticoagulants in sickle-cell disease

Prevalence of sub-clinical vitamin A deficiency in 2–5-year-old children in Tehran

Aposthia: a birth defect or normal quantitative recessive human genetic trait?

Distribution of genes encoding toxins and antibiotic resistance patterns in diarrhoeagenic Escherichia coli isolates in Tehran

Review of chronic ulcerative colitis cases at King Hussein Medical Centre, Jordan

Hypnotherapy for irritable bowel syndrome in Saudi Arabian patients

Pronostic du cancer du sein à l’Institut de Carcinologie Salah Azaïez de Tunis

Facteurs prédictifs du haut risque cardio-vasculaire chez les patients hypertendus suivis en première ligne à Sousse (Tunisie)

Orthodontic treatment needs of 12–15-year-old students in Shiraz, Islamic Republic of Iran

Psychological profile of Iranian patients with low-back pain

Epidemiology and hazards of student labour in Mansoura, Egypt

معارف السائقين بالقواعد المنظِّمة للمرور وسلوكهم في المنطقة الشرقية للمملكة العربية السعودية

Health-related lifestyles and risk behaviours among students living in Alexandria University hostels

Risk perception and precautions taken by health care workers for HIV infection in haemodialysis units in Egypt

Attitudes to evidence-based medicine of primary care physicians in Asir region, Saudi Arabia

Prevalence of and factors associated with overweight and obesity among a group of Iraqi women

Comparison of BMI-for-age in adolescent girls in 3 countries of the Eastern Mediterranean Region


Obesity: an emerging problem in Saudi Arabia. Analysis of data from the National Nutrition Survey

Social marketing of insecticide-treated bednets: the case for Pakistan

Short communication

Caesarean section rates in teaching hospitals of Tehran: 1999–2003

Juvenile idiopathic oligoarthritis: analysis of 42 cases in Jordan

Study on the diagnosis time of developmental dysplasia of the hip

Case report

Panuveitis and dermal vasculitis following MMR vaccination

Letter to the Editor