Volume 15, issue 2

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Rationale, methods and first results of the Iranian national programme for prevention of chronic diseases from childhood: CASPIAN Study
M.E. Motlagh, R. Kelishadi, G. Ardalan, R. Gheiratmand, R. Majdzadeh and A. Heidarzadeh for the CASPIAN Study Group
Gall bladder contractility in children with beta-thalassaemia
M.R. Nasr, M. Shaker, H. Mahdy and A. Hafez
Sanjad–Sakati syndrome/Kenny–Caffey syndrome type 1: a study of 21 cases in Kuwait
K.K. Naguib, S.A. Gouda, A. Elshafey, F. Mohammed, L. Bastaki, A.S. Azab and S.A. Alawadi
An epidemiological study on survival of oropharyngeal cancer cases in Alexandria, Egypt
N.K.R. Ibrahim, M.S. Al Ashakar, Z.M. Gad, M.H. Warda and H. Ghanem
Prevalence and predictors of white-coat hypertension in a large database of ambulatory blood pressure monitoring
S. Abir-Khalil, S. Zaîmi,M.A. Tazi,S. Bendahmane, O. Bensaoud and M. Benomar
Effect of interactive group discussion among physicians to promote rational prescribing
A. Garjani, M. Salimnejad, M. Shamsmohamadi, V. Baghchevan, R.G. Vahidi, N. Maleki-Dijazi and H. Rezazadeh
Opium use in a rural area of the Islamic Republic of Iran
A. Meysamie, M. Sedaghat, M. Mahmoodi, S.M. Ghodsi and B. Eftekhar
Injection safety at primary health care level in south-western Saudi Arabia
A.A. Mahfouz, I. Abdelmoneim, M.Y. Khan, A.A. Daffalla, M.M. Diab, H. Shaban and H.S. Al Amri
Cas clinique: Pancréatite aiguë secondaire à la L-asparaginase (à propos d’un cas)
I. Tazi, M. Rachid, A. Quessar, M. Harif et S. Benchekroun