Volume 7, issue 3


Invited Papers

Mental health in the EMR of WHO with a view of the future trends

Mental health in EMRO: the future is now

Mental health and psychiatry in the Middle East: historical development

Development of National Mental Health Programmes in the countries of the Eastern Mediterranean Region

From molecules to mind

Health and behaviour

Islam and mental health

Egyptian contribution to the concept of mental health

Mental health in the Islamic Republic of Iran: achievements and areas of need

Development of mental health services in Pakistan

Research Articles

Mental health: the missing link in primary care? Health for All by the Year 2000 revisited

Epidemiology of child mental health problems in Gaza Strip

Effect of trauma on the mental health of Palestinian children and mothers in the Gaza Strip

Prevalence and correlates of childhood fears in Al-Ain, United Arab Emirates

Childhood behavioural disturbance in a community sample in Al-Ain, United Arab Emirates

Prevalence and long-term impact of child sexual abuse among a sample of male college students in Jordan

Major birth defects among infants with Down syndrome in Alexandria, Egypt (1995–2000): trends and risk factors

Shiraz University students’ attitude towards drugs: an exploratory study

Tuberculosis among never-jailed drug abusers

Social status, health status and therapy response in heroin addicts

Factors associated with immediate relapse among Bahraini heroin abusers

Psychosocial assessment of geriatric subjects in Abha City, Saudi Arabia

Psychiatric co-morbidity in primary care and hospital referrals, Saudi Arabia

Adult oncology and chronically ill patients: comparison of depression, anxiety and caregiver’s quality of life

Effect of erectile dysfunction on quality of life

Effect of pre-instruction on anxiety levels of patients undergoing magnetic resonance imaging examination

Prevalence of hepatitis B virus among chronic schizophrenia patients

Frequency of unemployment among epileptic patients in Tikrit, Iraq


Autism and mental retardation: the genetic relationship and contribution


Traditional healers in the Qazvin region of the Islamic Republic of Iran: a qualitative study

Attitudes towards euthanasia and assisted suicide among Sudanese doctors

Case report

Botulism in a heroin addict

Neuroleptics and family history of Parkinson disease: case report

Body dysmorphic disorder in Oman: cultural and neuropsychological findings

From the medical press