Volume 22, issue 12

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Childhood recurrent abdominal pain and Helicobacter pylori infection, Islamic Republic of Iran
H. Alimohammadi, N. Fouladi, F. Salehzadeh, S.A. Alipour and M.S. Javadi
Effect of social networking on academic achievement of dental students, Jazan University, Saudi Arabia
E. Halboub, F. Othathi, F. Mutawwam, S. Madkhali, D. Somaili and N. Alahmar
Distribution of ophthalmologists and optometrists in Islamic Republic of Iran and their associated factors
S.-F. Mohammadi, M.-R. Lashay, E. Ashrafi, A.-A. Haghdoust, C. Alinia, A. Lashay, M. Asadi-Lari, S.-M. Mohammadi, E. Hatef
Water usage in the Gaza Strip: recommendations from a literature review and consultations with experts
Emily MacDonald, Bernardo Guzman Herrador, Susanne Hyllestad, Vidar Lund, Karin Nygård, Line Vold, Mohamed Lafi, Walaa Ammar, Bjørn Iversen