Volume 16, issue 12

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Abcès du psoas chez une femme enceinte :une observation à Bamako
A. Togo, M. Traoré, B. Togo, G. Diallo - et M. Keita
Experience of cyclone Gonu in the Islamic Republic of Iran: lessons learned
F. Panahi, R. Asadollahi, M. Asadollahi and A. Hasani-Bafarani
Difficulties facing first-year medical students at Umm Alqura University in Saudi Arabia
H. Almoallim, S. Aldahlawi, E. Alqahtani, S. Alqurashi and A. Munshi
Medical interns’ knowledge of tuberculosis and DOTS strategy in northern Islamic Republic of Iran
A.R. Charkazi, G. Kouchaki, M. Soleymani Nejad and A.H. Gholizade
Antimicrobial resistance of Staphylococcus species isolated from Lebanese dairy-based products
O. Zouhairi, I. Saleh, N. Alwan, I. Toufeili, E. Barbour  and S. Harakeh
Atopic profile of asthmatic children in Bahrain
K.S. Tabbara, A. Ibrahim, R. Ajjawi and F. Saleh