Volume 18, issue 5

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Reproductive and non-reproductive health status of women aged 15 years and above in southern Jordan
F.A. Abu-Moghli I.A. Khalaf, S. Tokiko,I. Atsuko,M.M. Nabolsi and B.A. Al-Sharairi
Maternal mortality in Jordan: role of substandard care and delays
A.M. Okour, Y. Khader Z. Amarin, H. Jaddou and M. Gharaibeh
Low adherence of Kuwaiti adults to fruit and vegetable dietary guidelines
S. Zaghloul, C. Waslien, M. Al Somaie and P. Prakash
Feasibility of a peer-led, school-based asthma education programme for adolescents in Jordan
N.A. Al-Sheyab,R. Gallagher, J.K. Roydhouse, J. Crisp and S. Shah
Relationship between consultation length and rational prescribing of drugs in Gorgan city, Islamic Republic of Iran
V. Khori, S. Changizi, E. Biuckians, A. Keshtkar, A.M. Alizadeh, A.M. Mohaghgheghi and M.R Rabie
Social and behavioural HIV/AIDS research in Jordan: a systematic review
E. Alkhasawneh, L. Ismayilova, H. Olimat  and N. El-Bassel
Aspects actuels des infections nosocomiales au Centre Hospitalier Libanais de Beyrouth
A. Al-Hajje, M. Ezedine, H. Hammoud, S. Awada, S. Rachidi, S. Zein  et P. Salameh
Evaluation of specific biochemical indicators of Helicobacter pylori-associated gastric cancer in Egypt
M.M. Anwar, A.I. Youssef, M.I. Sheta, A. Zaki, N.R. Bernaba  and M.A. El-Toukhi
Sanjad Sakati syndrome: a case series from Jordan
J. Albaramki, K. Akl, A. Al- Muhtaseb, M. Al-Shboul, T. Mahmoud, M. El-Khateeb and H. Hamamy
Profil étiologique des pancytopénies chez l’adulte à Marrakech (Maroc)
H. Nafil, I. Tazi, M. Sifsalam, M. Bouchtia  et L. Mahmal
Quality of life of Iranian β-thalassaemia major patients living on the southern coast of the Caspian Sea
H. Khani, M.R. Majdi, E. Azad Marzabadi, A. Montazeri, A. Ghorbani and M. Ramezani