Volume 16, issue 6

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First report on Leishmania major/HIV coinfection in a Sudanese patient
M.M. Mukhtar, E.M. Elamin, S.M. Bakhiet, M.M. Kheir and A.B. Ali
Burden of smoking in Moroccan rural areas
M. Berraho, Z. Serhier, N. Tachfouti, S. Elfakir, K. El Rhazi, K. Slama, M.C. Benjelloun and C. Nejjari
Prevalence of current smoking in Eastern province, Saudi Arabia
K.A. Al-Turki, N.A. Al-Baghli, A.J. Al-Ghamdi, A.G. El-Zubaier, R. Al-Ghamdi and M.M Alameer
Control of diabetes mellitus in the Eastern province of Saudi Arabia: results of screening campaign
N.A. Al-Baghli, K.A. Al-Turki, A.J. Al-Ghamdi, A.G. El-Zubaier, M.M. Al-Ameer and F.A. Al-Baghli
Hyperglycaemia, hypertension and their risk factors among Palestine refugees served by UNRWA
H.S.A. Mousa, S. Yousef, F. Riccardo, W. Zeidan and G. Sabatinelli 
Analyse coût-efficacité des stratégies de dépistage du cancer du col utérin en Tunisie
H. Ben Gobrane Lazaar, H. Aounallah-Skhiri, F. Oueslati, H. Frikha, N. Achour  et M. Hsairi
Fever prevalence and management among three rural communities in the North West Zone, Somalia
R.M. Youssef, V.A. Alegana, J. Amran, A.M. Noor  and R.W. Snow 
Burden of Haemophilus influenzae type b disease in Pakistani children
A.K.M. Zaidi, H. Khan, A.R. Sherali, R. Lasi  and the Sindh Meningitis Study Group
Cholera outbreak in Baghdad in 2007:an epidemiological study
J.M. Khwaif, A.H. Hayyawi and T.I. Yousif