Volume 12, issue 1/2

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Infant feeding in Saudi Arabia: mothers’ attitudes and practices
M.S. Al-Jassir, B.M. El-Bashir, S.K. Moizuddin and A.A.R. Abu-Nayan
Frequency of peptic ulcer disease during and after Ramadan in a United Arab Emirates hospital
A. Bener, M.F. Derbala, S. Al-Kaabi, L.O. Taryam, M.M. Al-Ameri, N.M. Al-Muraikhi and T.M. Al-Mansoor
Seroepidemiology of selected zoonotic infections in Basra region of Iraq
A.A-H. Yacoub, S. Bakr, A-M. Hameed, A.A-A. Al-Thamery and M.J. Fartoci
Effect of menopause and renal function on vitamin D status in Iranian women
G.R. Omrani, S.M. Masoompour, A. Sadegholvaad and B. Larijani
Flat foot among Saudi Arabian army recruits: prevalence and risk factors
M.M. Abdel-Fattah, M.M. Hassanin, F.A. Felembane and M.T. Nassaane
Short communication: Creatinine, blood urea nitrogen and thyroid hormone levels before and after haemodialysis
S. Shamsadini, S. Darvish-Moghaddam, H. Abdollahi, A.R. Fekri and H.A. Ebrahimi
Case report: Cryptococcus neoformans var. gattii meningitis in Egypt: a case report
A. Mansour, I. Nakhla, M. El Sherif, Y.A. Sultan and R.W. Frenck