Volume 22, issue 4

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Malaria and complex emergencies in the Eastern Mediterranean Region
Hoda Atta, Caroline Barwa, Ghasem Zamani and Robert W. Snow
The operation, products and promotion of waterpipe businesses in New York City, Abu Dhabi and Dubai
P.J. Joudrey, K.A. Jasie, L. Pykalo, S.T. Singer, M.B. Woodin, and S. Sherman
Objective structured clinical examination for pharmacy students in Qatar: cultural and contextual barriers to assessment
K.J. Wilby, E.K. Black, Z. Austin, B. Mukhalalati, S. Aboulsoud  and S.I. Khalifa
Control of malaria outbreak due to Plasmodium vivax in Aswan Governorate, Egypt
A. Kandeel, A.A. Haggag, M. Abo El Fetouh, M. Naiel, S.A. Refaey, A.H. Hassan and R.M.R. Ramzy