Volume 6, issue 5/6


Research articles

Evaluation of the routine hepatitis B immunization programme in Palestine, 1996

Hepatic fibrosis due to fascioliasis and/or schistosomiasis in Abis 1 village, Egypt

Childhood visceral leishmaniasis complicated by bacterial infections

Cutaneous leishmaniasis in the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya: a study of the Yafran area

Comparison between Toxoplasma gondiiDNA and specific immunoglobulins during pregnancy

Detection of Cryptosporidium parvumantigen by co-agglutination test and ELISA

Coccidial infection in immunosuppressed mice: prophylaxis and treatment with dehydroepiandrosterone

Specific IgG avidity in acute and chronic human fascioliasis

Effects of single-dose praziquantel on morbidity and mortality resulting from intestinal schistosomiasis

Epidemiological study of heterophyiasis among humansin an area of Egypt

Antimalarials prescribing patterns in Gezira State: precepts and practices

Staphylococcus aureusas a paradigm of a persistent problem of bacterial multiple antibiotic resistance in Abha, Saudi Arabia

Acute respiratory infections in primary health care centres in northern Saudi Arabia

Ringworm of the scalp in primary-school children in Alexandria: infection and carriage

Cost-effectiveness and efficacy of CHROMagar™ Candida medium in clinical specimens

Biochemical effects of vinyl chloride monomer on the liver of occupationally exposed workers

Comportements liés à la santé bucco-dentaire chez les écoliers au Liban-Nord

Measurement of the mandibular dental arch in Baghdad patients

Oral health practices and dental caries among Libyan pupils, Benghazi (1993-94)

Anaemia among young male workers in Alexandria, Egypt

Anaemia among Egyptian adolescents: prevalence and determinants

Induction of leukaemia in chloramphenicol-treated toads

Diabetic ketoacidosis in southern Jordan: five-year experience

Prevalence of diabetes mellitus and impaired glucose tolerance in a rural Palestinian population

Study of cardiovascular disease risk factors among urban schoolchildren in Sousse, Tunisia

Predictive models for mortality and length of hospital stay in an Egyptian burns centre

DNA proliferative index as a marker in Iraqi aneuploid mammary carcinoma

Clinical performance of intrauterine device TCu-380 A in Benghazi, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

 Ultrasonography versus radiography in the diagnosis of maxillary sinusitis

Noncommunicable diseases among the Bahraini population: a review

Review of leprosy cases in Benghazi, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, 1994-98

HIV infection in patients with tuberculosis in Baghdad (1996-98)

Antibiotic resistance of Moroccan strains of Salmonella enteritidisisolated between 1996 and 1997

Hepatitis B surface antigen and anti-hepatitis C antibodies among blood donors in the Islamic Republic of Iran

Gallstone ileus in the Jordanian Royal Medical Services in a 10-year period

Incidence of rhesus isoimmunization in rhesus-negative mothers in Ramadi, Iraq, in the mid-1990s

Who uses the emergency room services?

Pulmonary alveolar microlithiasis: an overlooked disease in Iraq

Tuberculous abscesses of the quadriceps femoris muscle without osseous involvement