Volume 17, issue 11

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Implementation of the reaching every district (RED) approach: experience from North Sudan
T.K. Ryman, E.A. Elsayed, A.A.-M. Mustafa, N.M. Widaa, A. Omer  and R. Kamadjeu
Chronic diseases among older people in Amirkola, northern Islamic Republic of Iran
S.R. Hosseini, R.G. Cumming, P. Sajjadi and A. Bijani
Correlation of serum alkaline phosphatase with clinicopathological characteristics of patients with oesophageal cancer
A. Aminian, F. Karimian, R. Mirsharifi, A. Alibakhshi, S.M. Hasani, H. Dashti, Y. Jahangiri, H. Ghaderi and A. Meysamie
Timing of deciduous teeth emergence in Egyptian children
N.L. Soliman, M.A. El-Zainy, R.M. Hassan and R.M. Aly
Drinking water: a major source of lead exposure in Karachi, Pakistan
N. Ul-Haq, M.A. Arain, N. Badar,M. Rasheed and Z. Haque