Volume 12, supplement 2

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Perceptions of the condom as a method of HIV prevention in Yemen
R. Busulwa, M.Y. Takiyaddin, A.A. Azzubeidi, H. El Zein El Mousaad, J. Tawillah and H. Ziady
What do medical students in Alexandria know about female genital mutilation?
S.R.A. Mostafa, N.A.M. El Zeiny, S.E.S. Tayel and E.I. Moubarak
Psychiatric morbidity and its sociodemographic correlates among women in Irbid, Jordan
T.K. Daradkeh, A. Alawan, R. Al Ma’aitah and S.A. Otoom
Depressive symptoms among high school adolescents in Oman
M. Afifi, A. Al Riyami, M. Morsi and H. Al Kharusil
Health education in the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya: assessment of future needs
A.A. Elfituri, M.S. Elmahaishi, T.H. MacDonald and F.M. Sherif
Factors influencing inappropriate hospitalization in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia: physicians’ perspectives
B.A. Al-Omar, A.F. Al-Assaf, K.M. Al-Aiban, K.K. Kalash and F. Javed
Report Visceral leishmaniasis control in Thi Qar Governorate, Iraq, 2003
A.K. Jassim, R. Maktoof, H. Ali, B. Bodosan, and K. Campbell