Volume 3, issue 2

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Curriculum framework for a master's degree in community medicine: some reflections with reference to Saudi Arabia
Muzamil H. Abdelgadir, Aladin Hadi Alamri, Naseem Akhtar Qureshi, Essam A. Al Haraqa, Talal Hussain Al-Beyari and Abdelnasser A. Abuzeid
Health services delivery in Asir, Saudi Arabia: regional experience of integration
Abdul Aziz M. Al-Khuzayem, Ahmed A. Mahfouz, Abdalla I. Shehata and Reda A.G. Al-Erian
Patterns of referral from health centres to hospitals in Riyadh region
Tawfik A.M. Khoja, Ali M. Al Shehri, Abdul-Aziz F. Abdul-Aziz and Khwaja M.S. Aziz
Compliance with antituberculosis drugs among tuberculosis patients in Alexandria, Egypt
Ashry Gad, Ahmed M.A. Mandil, Aida A.R. Sherif, Zahira M. Gad and Sunny Sallam
Breast-feeding and weaning patterns in Benghazi, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
Nuri M. Shembesh, Nura Naseb M. Balo and Ratan Singh
Treatment of renal colic with injectable aspirin (Aspegic)
Falih M. Al-Obadi, Jinan I. Mobarak and Abdullah M. Jawad
Toxoplasmosis among women with habitual abortion
Muna M. Al-Hamdani and Nadham K. Mahdi
Cellular immune response in acute hepatitis B leading to chronic carrier state
M.G. Morsi, S.A. Zaki, M.K. Kamal, S.A. Sadaka and Y.M. El Shimy