Volume 9, issue 4



The special issue for tropical disease research: a tool to disseminate research results for more effective disease control

Invited papers

Antimalarial drug resistance in the Eastern Mediterranean Region

Controlling tuberculosis: we can’t do it if we don’t find the cases

Recent advances in research and control of malaria, leishmaniasis, trypanosomiasis and schistosomiasis

Lymphatic filariasis in the Eastern Mediterranean Region: current status and prospects for elimination

Malaria papers

Estimation of malaria transmission in high-risk provinces of Morocco

GIS-based prediction of malaria risk in Egypt

Stratification of Khartoum urban area by the risk of malaria transmission

Plasmodium falciparum infection during pregnancy in an unstable  transmission area in eastern Sudan

Determinants of acquiring malaria among displaced people in Khartoum state, Sudan

Determinants of malaria mortality among displaced people in Khartoum state, Sudan

Household survey of treatment of malaria in Hajjah, Yemen

Prescribing rationality and availability of antimalarial drugs in Hajjah, Yemen

Study of larvivorous fish for malaria vector control in Somalia, 2002

Comparison of three larviciding options for malaria vector control

Operational use of neem oil as an alternative anopheline larvicide. Part A: laboratory and field efficacy

Operational use of neem oil as an alternative anopheline larvicide. Part B: environmental impact and toxicological potential

Molecular characterization of the Anopheles maculipennis complex in  the Islamic Republic of Iran

Tuberculosis papers

Prevalence of pulmonary tuberculosis in Karachi juvenile jail, Pakistan

Active tuberculosis among Iraqi schoolchildren with positive skin tests and their household contacts

Predictors of treatment failure among tuberculosis patients under DOTS strategy in Egypt

Does routine home visiting improve the return rate and outcome of DOTS patients who delay treatment?

Impact of community participation on treatment outcomes and compliance of DOTS patients in Iraq

Knowledge, attitudes and practices survey among health care workers and tuberculosis patients in Iraq

Gender perspectives on knowledge and practices regarding tuberculosis in urban and rural areas in Pakistan

Gender differences in health care utilization and outcome of respiratory tuberculosis in Alexandria

Gender differences and tuberculosis in the Syrian Arab Republic: patients’ attitudes, compliance and outcomes

Tuberculosis diagnosis and treatment practices of private physicians in Karachi, Pakistan

Do private doctors follow national guidelines for managing pulmonary tuberculosis in Pakistan?

Do doctors in north-western Somalia follow the national guidelines for tuberculosis management?

Adherence of the private sector to national tuberculosis guidelines in the Islamic Republic of Iran, 2001–02

Leishmaniasis papers

Epidemiology of cutaneous leishmaniasis in the endemic area of Jericho, Palestine

Epidemiological study in a new focus of cutaneous leishmaniasis in the Islamic Republic of Iran

Factors affecting variations in exposure to infections by Leishmania donovani in eastern Sudan

Antimony-resistant Leishmania donovani in eastern Sudan: incidence and in vitro correlation

Field evaluation of latex agglutination test for detecting urinary antigens in visceral leishmaniasis in Sudan

Visceral leishmaniasis in the Syrian Arab Republic: early detection using rK39

Filariasis papers

Filariasis elimination in Egypt: impact of low microfilaraemics as sources of infection for mosquitoes