Volume 18, issue 3

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Evaluating the psychosocial and mental health consequences of abuse among Jordanian women
A.M. Hamdan-Mansour, R.E. Constantino, K.R. Shishani, R. Safadi  and R. Banimustafa 
Postmenopausal symptoms among Egyptian geripausal women
H.S. Sweed,1 A.E. Elawam, A.M. Nabeel  and A.K. Mortagy 
Hepatitis C virus infection among multi-transfused patients and personnel in haemodialysis units in central Islamic Republic of Iran
K. Samimi-Rad, M. Hosseini, G. Mobeini, F. Asgari, S.M. Alavian, M.E. Tahaei  and M.H. Salari 
Distribution of hepatitis C virus genotypes in haemodialysis patients of Guilan, northern Islamic Republic of Iran
F. Joukar, A.K. Khalesi, R. Jafarshad, M.S. Rahimabadi  and F. Mansour-Ghanaei 
Iron deficiency in Yemeni patients with sickle-cell disease
A. Kassim, S. Thabet, M. Al-Kabban  and K. Al-Nihari
Reproductive behaviour of mothers of children with beta-thalassaemia major
F. Habibzadeh, M. Yadollahie, M. Roshanipoor  and M. Haghshenas 
Middle ear and hearing disorders of schoolchildren aged 7–10 years in South Sinai, Egypt
G. Yamamah, A. Mabrouk, E. Ghorab, M. Ahmady  and H. Abdulsalam 
Teaching of major communicable diseases in Sudanese medical schools: a critical look
S.H. Abdelrahman, A.M. Malik, A.A. Mohamedani, M.E. Mohamed, S.M. Alfadil, T.D.A. Elhasan  and H.S. Ahmed 
Schistosomiasis of the spinal cord: report of 5 cases from Sudan
A.D. Salim, M.A. Arbab, L.A. El Hassan  and A.M. El Hassan 
Early-onset severe isoniazid-induced motor-dominant neuropathy: a case report
A. Zaoui, A. Abdelghani, H. Ben Salem, W. Ouanes, A. Hayouni, F. Khachnaoui, N. Rejeb and M. Benzarti