Volume 8, issue 4/5


Research articles

Growth of preschool children in the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya: regional and sociodemographic differences

Overweight and obesity among Saudi Arabian children and adolescents between 1994 and 2000

Screening for congenital hypothyroidism in the Islamic Republic of Iran: strategies, obstacles and future perspectives

Antioxidant micronutrients in children with thalassaemia in Egypt

Xerophthalmia among hospitalized Iraqi children

Prevalence of wheeze among preschool children in Basra governonate, southern Iraq

Neonatal septicaemia in the neonatal care unit, Al-Anbar governorate, Iraq

Vaginal misoprostol in managing premature rupture of membranes

Correlates of unintended pregnancy in Beheira governorate, Egypt

Evaluation of drug use in Jordan using WHO prescribing indicators

Evaluation of drug use in Jordan using WHO patient care and health facility indicators

General practitioner prescribing patterns in Babol city, Islamic Republic of Iran

Evaluation of the utilization management programme at Salmaniya Medical Complex, Bahrain

Improving diabetic patients’ outcomes in family medicine in the United Arab Emirates

Frequency and types of skin disorders and associated diabetes mellitus in elderly Jordanians

Patterns and determinants of treatment compliance among hypertensive patients

Primary prevention of acute coronary events through the adoption of a Mediterranean-style diet

Apports alimentaires, paramètres anthropométriques et biologiques chez des sujets adultes tunisiens au cours du jeûne de ramadan

Mid upper arm and calf circumferences as indicators of nutritional status in women of reproductive age

Intra-specimen and day-to-day variations of Fasciola egg counts in human stools

Prevalence of smoking and age of initiation in Alexandria, Egypt

Management of wound infection after appendectomy: are parenteral antibiotics useful?


Organization of the Saudi health system

Overview of the laboratory accreditation programme of the College of American Pathologists

Status of antituberculosis drug resistance in Saudi Arabia 1979–98


Audit of paediatric surgical intensive care unit admissions in north Jordan